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Block Sender!!!

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Michael Morrow, Oct 21, 2003.

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  1. I added 6 assholes to my blocksender list and now when I read this newsgroup
    it is interesting and on the subject.

    Mike M
  2. Toilet Fish

    Toilet Fish Guest

    I'm not sure you understand the genesis of this particular flame war. It
    started with Baphomet asking a perfectly legitimate question about proper
    usenet posting netiquette (I'm paraphrasing). It got a lively response with
    many differing but none the less legitimate and interesting points of view
    as to whether top, bottom, or interspersed posting was preferable and why.

    Then Dark Matter jumped in with his usual abusive, foul mouthed and largely
    irrelevant posts consisting of little other than single syllable name
    calling. I guess the war started pretty much at that point.

    John Fortier, in an related but separate thread, suggested a "minimally
    moderated newsgroup" that would help alleviate this kind of usenet abuse.
    This also generated a lot of interesting discussion, again with widely
    differing viewpoints.

    John Fields jumped into the fray also using copious amounts of foul language
    which ill served his arguements against even a minimally moderated group.
    Fields, who apparently has a reputation for bully boy tactics on various
    usenet groups, was largely causative of the flame war's escalation into
    unchartered territory.

    Hopefully, out of this will come some rational discourse and understandings.
    It is your right, of course, not to participate and even to put on blinders
    (using the blocked sender list) and pretend that this is not happening but
    it ill serves both the group and yourself because you miss many of their
    more legitmate posts and expertise of many years in the field of electronic

    As they say about about Lotto and it is equally applicable here, "you've got
    to be in it to win it".
  3. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    [snip the history of trolls]

    Just deleted the ~100 messages from the trolls. I think it freed over 50kb HD
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