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Blinking light on Panasonic PV-DV203D

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ed, Dec 13, 2004.

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  1. Ed

    Ed Guest

    I seem to have a problem with my Panasonic PV-DV203D.

    I looked through the manual and found nothing related.[/URL]

    My power light will be ok initially when turned on, but it will only
    do an action (FF, rec, play) for like 1 second before stopping and
    switching nearly off and blinking the red LED power light very slowly.
    I can turn it off and unplug to make it go away, but I only get
    another second out of it.

    No warnings, no nothing but crappy behavior.

    I tried with a recharded battery and plugged directly into the power
    cord, same behavior.

    I tried with different tapes just to see, same behavior.

    I looked through and searched the manual, nothing.

    Any thoughts? Am I screwed out of a $500 (when I bought it)

    I tried to contact Panasonic but nothing yet... Still waiting. Will
    call Monday. And I am just a week past my one year warranty.

    I have seen a few threads on but no one appears
    to really know what is going on...

    Any thoughts? Please help!
  2. howard

    howard Guest

  3. howard

    howard Guest

    "", about 15 meg file. It lists the relationship betwee
    the flashing Power LED as follows: 1 flash "T-Reel Lock", 2 flashe
    "S-Reel Lock", 3 flashes "Unloading lock", 4 flashes, Loading lock an
    5 flashes, cylinder lock.. They also noted that it may be a proble
    with the F.P.C. [Flexible Printed Circuit] which connects differen
    boards and operating items on the camera. The service manual shows ho
    to fix that error, looks fairly simple.

    I took the side off my camera, the square plastic part that says "PUS
    Close", fairly easy. You can then see how the camera is loading. O
    course, that fixed the problem, and I have put it back together and i
    works fine. I now have a very large PDF file with more data than
    will ever use. But for $20, it was a deal
  4. g.m.j.

    g.m.j. Guest

    I took the side off my camera, the square plastic part that says "PUSH
    it was it? only to take off cover and it fixed the problem? i have the
    same problemy with my camcorder, can you tell us how to fix it?
  5. howard

    howard Guest

    Like I said in my first posting, I got the repair manual which has som
    good information, but just taking the side off and putting it back o
    worked for me. I have no idea what problems you are having and I a
    not a repair person. You might check the FPC (flexible printe
    circuit) as it is outlined in the service manual
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