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Black epoxy covering ICs?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by K1G1, Jan 16, 2005.

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  1. K1G1

    K1G1 Guest

    I've often noticed on some circuit boards that there is a type of black
    epoxy that seems to be covering ICs. Is this black epoxy put in place to
    hide the IC being used to protect the design or is it a type of cheap
    integrated circuit?

  2. Danny T

    Danny T Guest

    I saw the same inside a Dongle issued to stop software copy protection,
    it consisted of just a chip with the legs connected to the parallel
    pins.. I assumed it was to hide the type of chip, but I don't know for
    sure :)
  3. Hi there,

    most of the time this epoxy is used to replace the IC case!

    This technology is known as "Chip on Board" where the silicon chip is glued
    directly to the board and then bonded to the PCB connection pads just as
    it would be done inside the normal plastic case.

    The black cover is put over the chip and its bonding wires after testing
    the device for correct function.

    Examples for that are:
    - LCD displays with integrated controller
    - dongles that consist only of one chip
    - cheap clocks and watches ...

  4. Danny T

    Danny T Guest

    Is that done because they're cheapskates, or another reason?
  5. peterken

    peterken Guest

    yes, it's cheaper
    it also takes less space
    the epoxy is to protect the chip as well as the bonding wires
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