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BK Precision 1761, 4 Digit Triple Output DC Power Supply

For Sale: Discussion in 'For Sale / Wanted' started by GreyGnome, Apr 18, 2019.

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  1. GreyGnome


    Nov 1, 2015
    For Sale:
    B&K Precision 1761, 4 Digit Triple Output DC Power Supply. The 1761 triple output DC power supply offers three independent outputs with coarse and fine adjustment knobs for volts. This is a brand new unit, still in the unopened box! It sells for over $700 at the major distributors; over $600 on eBay.

    • Two 35V outputs @ 3A.
    • The third output is 2-6V adjustable for today's modern 3.3V digital circuits.
    • Constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) operation
    • Independent or series tracking/parallel mode operation to double voltage or current.
    • Coarse and fine voltage controls
    • Adjustable current limiting
    • Designed to operate continuously at rated output.
    Price: $495 + buyer pays shipping. (Should be around $20-50, ground, cheapest way).
    2 years manufacturer's warranty!

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