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Bits & pieces Sourcing

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by CyBorg 0091, Aug 28, 2003.

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  1. CyBorg 0091

    CyBorg 0091 Guest

    Where do people get their bits and pieces online,
    stuff like Potentiometers ect.$3.95 each? resistors$0.45 each?too much!
    The local Tip is pay as you go now....since I have grown-up and grown young
    jaycar is great,but their range seems limited(haven't got their catalog yet)
    but they don't have the resistors I want

    Any links to normal dealers is great..ones that deal without creditcards as
    dicksmith sux for this.
  2. Guest

    Most on-line distributors have credit card facilities.
    are just some I use. There are others. You can obtain free device samples from
    many manufacturers as well.
    The price of components depends upon what you want. Resistors can be many
    tens of dollars each, particularly if you want ones that can dissipate 50 watts or more.
    Quality stuff is never found at the tip. Why do you think it's there in the first place?
    If you want a selection of cheap/free components, you might be able to obtain some from
    your local tv/electronics repair shop. They might have some trashed gear out the back
    that they use for spares.
    Uh, what sort of resistors do you want exactly? You could have a look at their range at Their 2003 catalog is $2.95 at any of their stores.
    I don't consider DSE a serious supplier of electronic components anymore
    (or at anytime for that matter). Sure, they have a range of kits and components,
    but it's certainly not as extensive as the sellers mentioned above. It can probably
    be more accurately described as a sideline to their main business, which is selling
    consumer entertainment and computer items. What have you got against credit cards?
    If you walk through their door, WES, Speedyspares, Jaycar, Dick Smith, RS Components
    will all give you whatever you want in their stock, as long as they can exchange it
    for your cash or credit card number.
  3. Mark Harriss

    Mark Harriss Guest
  4. CyBorg 0091

    CyBorg 0091 Guest

    Thanks for the links....gave me any idea of what I am looking at for general

    I was looking for are range of resistors 1k Ohm -50k Ohm and dicksmith
    seems to be the only one with them I can see.
    They were just for a ciruct to learn about resistence......

    I got the big book of codes so I may be able to find some out of an old
    video player or something to play with.

    Thanks again
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