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Bit-resolution decrease for internet

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Radium, Dec 3, 2003.

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  1. Dave Tweed

    Dave Tweed Guest

    You'd be surprised. If I present you with the string "SILENTNIGHT", which can
    be represented in just under 60 bits using radix-50 encoding, you probably get
    about 1 minute of music playing in your head (depending on how many verses you
    know :). If your computer has a library of recordings, you could actually
    play the music.

    The point is, when you go to very high orders of compression, you have to
    limit the set of possible things that can be represented. Most DSP engineers
    discuss systems that are capable of representing arbitrary waveforms of
    unspecified duration, but that does not by any means represent the limit
    of what's possible for speciallized applications.

    As a more practical example, MPEG can readily achieve usable results at well
    under 1 bit per sample, for both audio and video.

    -- Dave Tweed
  2. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Okay. Now I see where I went wrong. One-bit can either be on or off.
    Nothing in between. Sorry.
  3. Paul Russell

    Paul Russell Guest

    Excellent. Just to complete the analysis though, would you care to
    calculate (approximately) what the SNR would be for such an encoding ?

  4. Tom

    Tom Guest

    If you want in between bits then why not try analogue?!

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