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BIOS Reset Help

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Lionel Wagner, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. I have changed the DIMM's in a computer in order
    to upgrade. Since then, all I get when powering
    up, is one long beep followed by two short beeps.
    I understand this is a memory error. I have re-
    installed the original DIMM's but the error persists.
    I have removed the BIOS battery and re-installed,
    no good. I tried shorting two points close to
    the battery in order to "clear CMOS" also without
    success. Is there another reset procedure?

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  2. Rick

    Rick Guest

    1 long, *three* short is a memory error Beep Code for an AMI BIOS.
    Did you check for damage to the DIMM sockets from forcing
    something/incorrect installation? Look for any desbris that got onto the
    socket contacts when changing the DIMM's? Did you try cleaning the DIMM
    contacts? If it is a memory problem clearing the CMOS settings won't
    help. The computer is telling you the DIMM's aren't seated
    correctly/poor contact or the DIMM's are bad.


  3. GregS

    GregS Guest

    I would clean up all the contacts first.

  4. Also, check those plastic latches ... they can break. One of the reasons
    that I hate to work on computers.
  5. Chuck

    Chuck Guest

    I've had,on Gigabyte boards, both end latches snapped on the memory
    tabs and the middle pins still not making contact. The solution was
    removing the motherboard, laying it on a flat surface, and pushing the
    memory modules into the sockets with pressure on the middle of the
    module. (Don't snap in one side and then the other.) Hope this works
    for you. Chuck
  6. I broke my plastic latches. The memory still works. Without the latches
    vibration could loosen them so keep an eye on them. Also if you have a
    ram fan it will probably put too much stress on the DIMM without
    latches. Don't use the fan and take those head sinks off the DIMM.
  7. The specific slots used can be an issue. If the number one slot is empty
    you'll get an error. For example. if there are 4 slots, 2 DIMM's would use
    slots 1 and 3. They may be color coded.

    I was building a computer a while back and ran into this - hadn't heard of
    it before.

    Mark Z.
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