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Biopotential Biofeedback Data Acquisition

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Scott, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. Scott

    Scott Guest

    Biopotential Biofeedback Data Acquisition
    DataQ Data Acquisition Custom Software
    DataRecoderPro Ver.1.6
    1 to 32 channels, Serial or USB
    4 Trigger Modes (Norm, Analog, Digital, Software)
    Adjustable Trigger Levels (Pre, Post, Slope)
    Over 35 DataQ Devices Supported
    (Preprogrammed Port and Drivers)
    Plus custom Port / Drivers
    0-15 Plot bits + Analog
    Switchable Digital Input / Outputs
    Record / Playback Modes
    Record WaveForms for later Study.
    Forward / Backward and Step Modes
    Adjustable Trigger Modes
    Channel and Burst/Event/Sample modes
    Auto Scrolling charts
    (4 channels Time / 32 Channels)
    Adjustable Sample, Burst, Event
    Plus Much More !
    Very Easy to Use (Mouse tips)
    Custom Developed Versions
    Custom chart Labels and functions
    Paypal Accepted, Download link
    Visit DataQ Home site
    Or there support forum

    In case anyone's interested in measuring biopotentials, I was able to
    get the DI194RS sensitivity down in the MV range runing a 3 bit plot
    offset with the below application, see jpg and or web site. The waves
    graphed (2nd part of charts), are from touching the solder joints on
    the DI194RS below the screw terminals (Body noise (60 HZ)), moving my
    finger aounrd to different channels, no noise was present when not
    touching anything (Good common mode rejection). and there was no
    channel isolation problems, See app at : <
    Keywords : biofeedback chart recoder eeg ekg ecg biopotentials
    data software computer grass amplifier
  2. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

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