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Binary Clock

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Glicer, Jun 2, 2004.

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  1. Glicer

    Glicer Guest


    Anybody knows a working binary clock schematics, to assemble it by my
    self ?

    something like the one at thinkgeek but i want to have one done by me
    to put it on a chasis.

    I surfered over the net but no good schematics.
    All internet is full of broken links or redirect to some comercial
  2. Anybody knows a working binary clock schematics, to assemble it by my
    Nope, but there are generally two ways to do it.

    1. Use a microcontroller. But there's 20 led's in there, and not much
    microcontrollers have 20 outputs. You could multiplex the outputs. If you
    multiplex fast enough, the led's won't blink.
    2. Make it discrete with a 1Hz oscillator and some counters and special
    reset-circuitry. You could make it with six 4-bit counters (74LSxx series)
    and some AND's and OR's for the reset circuitry.

    I don't have any schematics, but making a clock using standard 74LSxx logic
    is pretty basic :). But it will be a lot of soldering.

    A microcontroller is probably more versatile, you could add alarms and
    whatever. And if you use i.e. a 8051, you would probably only need the
    necessary discreet components and a 4-bit latch.

    Maybe I'll slap something together, but don't expect it today :).

  3. tim da man

    tim da man Guest

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