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Bias tee - need formulas :)

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Alessandro, Aug 19, 2003.

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  1. Alessandro

    Alessandro Guest

    I was going to start an our system and I realized I need a Bias Tee more
    and I prefer to not wait for the 4-7 weeks for the delivery!!!! that a
    reseller proposed.
    So I think Bias Tees are difficult to build only for broad band application.
    unfortunately are some years I don't study/make electronics and I don't have
    here books... so I'd be glad if someone could give me the formulas to let me
    configure a Bias Tee.

    DC [email protected]+
    AC ------||--+-------- AC+DC
    GND -------------------

    DC-AC-GND are clear... @ is an inductance L and || a capacitor C.
    At the moment I use a RF signal between 1 and 100MHz, a DC of 0-10V on a
    350mA. I need the Bias Tee to mix and unmix the DC-AC so I don't just need a
    DC block.
    If you can give me the formula or some direct reference to some web or book
    resources I'd be very glad so I could dimension my BiasTee also if I decide
    to work in another frequency region.

    Last things.... which parameters let me to distort less then I can my AC
    signal (usually it is a sinewave but sometimes also a square one).
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