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BGA assembly contractor

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by John Larkin, Aug 11, 2003.

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  1. John Larkin

    John Larkin Guest


    can anybody recommend a good assembly house to solder and inspect a
    BGA? We might farm out the entire board asembly, or maybe stuff
    everything but the BGA and have that done outside.

    This will be a Xilinx XC2S400E in an FG456 package... we're starting
    with an easy one.


  2. Dave VanHorn

    Dave VanHorn Guest

    I work for a sister company.
  3. John,

    Most houses will do the work, and most houses send them out to houses that have the equipment to do
    the job.
    There are a few here and there, a few that I had quoted actually would have sent the part out to
    Beaver Brook Circuits, Bethel, CT .

  4. I used to work at MJS Designs [ ]. Their website
    sucks and hasn't been updated for more than a couple of years, but you can
    find contacting information there. They have the capacity to assemble all
    types of boards. When I worked there, they had a manual BGA
    placement/heating machine, an X-Ray machine, and had just purchased another
    pick and place machine which supposively was suitable for rapid, high volume
    BGA handling. Over 2 years ago, they didn't have any fiber optic cameras
    for examination, but they did want that so who knows if they have one by

    If you do go with them, please mention my name. I miss my former friendship
    with the high up people.

    Howard Henry Schlunder

    in message
  5. I had a very good experience with Sanmina in Salem NH. They did an
    oversized (~8x11") 10-layer (5P5S) "PCI" card for me with about every
    package type imaginable, including TO3's, PTH, a Xilinx XCS600E in a
    FG680 package, heavy gold plating for test connectors, etc. I thought
    the prices were reasonable for the small volumes and rather demanding
    specs. They did the whole job (with me standing over the layout
    engineer's shoulder ;-), from my schematic to populated, "tested"
    (shorts/opens only) boards. I bought all the actives (so I could
    design to what I could actually get) and they bought all the passives
    to spec.
  6. Our big brother:

    Lousy website, great people. BGA, X-ray, Quad, Fuji - multiple lines,
    military, commercial, consumer. In-house engineering and
    accountability. Competitive pricing.

    Frank Raffaeli
    AOM Wireless
  7. EIDDO

    EIDDO Guest

    The company I work for could probaly do it, MTI ELectronics or 262-783-6080 ask to speak with a customer
    representative if you are interested.
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