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BF959 SPICE model

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Leon Heller, Dec 3, 2004.

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  1. Leon Heller

    Leon Heller Guest

    Has anyone got a SPICE model for the On Semi (was Mot.) BF959? I and someone
    else who is interested in using this device can't find one anywhere. I've
    bought 2000 of them very cheaply on eBay. :cool:

  2. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    Circuitmaker claims to provide that model. Know anyone with

    ...Jim Thompson
  3. Here you go:

    Si 625mW 20V 100mA 700MHz VHF pkg:TO-92B 3 1 2

    IS: Transport saturation current 10.2e-15
    BF: Ideal maximum foward beta 78.00
    NF: Foward current emission coefficient 1.000
    VAF: Foward Early voltage 80.50
    IKF: Foward beta high current roll-off 60.00m
    ISE: B-E leakage saturation current 16.80p
    NE: B-E leakage emission coefficient 2.000
    BR: Ideal maximum reverse beta 4.000
    NR: Reverse current emission coefficient 1.000
    VAR: Reverse Early voltage 12.00
    IKR: Reverse beta high current roll-off 90.00m
    ISC: B-C leakage saturation current 0.000
    NC: B-C leakage emission coefficient 2.000
    RB: Zero-bias base resistance [0,] 2.060
    IRB: Current at halfway base resistance 0.000
    RBM: High current minimum base resistance 0.000
    RE: Emitter resistance [0,] 515.0m
    RC: Collector resistance [0,] 206.0m
    CJE: B-E zero-bias depletion capacitance [0,] 1.740p
    VJE: B-E built-in potential 1.100
    MJE: B-E junction exponential factor 500.0m
    TF: Ideal foward transit-time [0,] 227.0p
    XTF: Coefficient for bias depletion of TF 0.000
    VTF: Voltage describing VBC dependence of TF 0.000
    ITF: High-current parameter for effect on TF 0.000
    PTF: Excess phase at freq.=1.0(TF*2PI) Hz 0.000
    CJC: B-C zero-bias depletion capacitance [0,] 2.250p
    VJC: B-C built-in potential 300.0m
    MJC: B-C junction exponential factor 300.0m
    XCJC: Fraction of B-C capacitance at base node 1.000
    TR: Ideal reverse transit-time [0,] 158.0n
    CJS: Zero-bias collector-saturation capacitance [0,] 0.000
    VJS: Substrate junction built-in potential 750.0m
    MJS: Substrate junction exponential factor 0.000
    XTB: Foward/reverse beta temp. coefficient 1.500
    EG: Energy gap for temperature effect on IS 1.110
    XTI: Temperature exponent for effect on IS 3.000
    KF: Flicker-noise coefficient 0.000
    AF: Flicker-noise exponent 1.000
    FC: Foward-bias capacitance coefficient 500.0m
    TNOM: Paramameter measurement temperature 27.00
  4. Leon Heller

    Leon Heller Guest

    Thanks very much for those parameters, Terry.

    I've put them into standard SPICE format:

    ..model BF959 NPN(IS=10.2e-15 BF=78.00 NF=1.000 VAF=80.50 IKF=60.00m
    ISE=16.80p NE=2.000 BR=4.000
    + NR=1.000 VAR=12.00 IKR=90.00m ISC=0.000 NC=2.000 RB=2.060 IRB=0.000
    + RE=515.0m RC=206.0m CJE=1.740p VJE=1.100 MJE=500.0m TF=227.0p XTF=0.000
    + ITF=0.000 PTF=0.000 CJC=2.250p VJC=300.0m MJC=300.0m XCJC=1.000 TR=158.0n
    + VJS=750.0m MJS=0.000 XTB=1.500 EG=1.110 XTI=3.000 KF=0.000 AF=1.000
    FC=500.0m TNOM=27.00)

    It seemed to work OK when I added it to the Pulsonix SPICE library and
    pasted the device into an existing schematic.

  5. Leon Heller

    Leon Heller Guest


    Where did the file come from? I posted my model taken from it to the QRP-L
    list and someone wanted to know.

  6. Chris Trask

    Chris Trask Guest

    Hi, Leon and Terry. I'm the one who asked on the QRP-L mail list.
    Having a library of SPICE models for all devices would be a very valuable
    resource. Fairchild has a full library for just about every device that
    they have made, but unfortunately this is not one of them.


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    Graphics by Loek Frederiks
  7. Chris/Leon: It came straight out of the model library in CircuitMaker
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