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Beware Pareto Frontier Scam

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Members Lounge' started by JSims, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. JSims


    Nov 2, 2019
    I am letting people know about the scam called Pareto Frontier LLC. They claim to be a "consulting firm" but they're really con artists. Please be advised that their job offers are not real.

    Pareto Frontier is being run by Dr. Jonathan Beaudeau, a person who claims to have been a senior partner at BAE Systems. I did a google search for the corporate figures at this company and Beaudeau's name was nowhere to be found, or even mentioned in past publications. He has a history of sexual harassment and was also involved in a drunk driving charge. Do not trust this man.

    Again, I'm not sure this is the right website to post this, but I have to let people know.
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