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Beware of Radio Shack

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by news, Jul 15, 2004.

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  1. Obfus Kataa

    Obfus Kataa Guest

    Reasons for the answer's being incorrect or inapplicable:

    1. The EEOC regulations apply only to protected classes. You have
    no way of knowing whether I am (or rather was) a member in 1978 of
    one of those classes. I was not. This reason does not count
    against your response.

    2. Because of item one, and because having a child does not place one
    necessarily in a protected class, the question "do you have children?"
    is not illegal; however, the question "do you have children under the
    age of 18?" may be. (Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act was in
    effect in 1978) The problem with the "children under 18" question
    is not that the question, itself, is illegal. The problem is that if
    as an employer you have asked this question and then used the answer to
    refuse employment of an otherwise eligible candidate, and that person
    is in a protected class, you are more likely to be found in violation.
    So, by common sense, you should avoid the question. But the laws
    passed by Congress to not list questions that are illegal. They define
    practices that are illegal. Certain questions may strongly imply
    the intent to engage in illegal practices. And evidence of intent may
    lead to a potential employee inferring that intent led to discriminatory
    practice, thus causing that applicant to file a civil complaint and
    or a fair labor practices complaint with the DoL.

    3. In the two posts I made, I said the questions were invasive, but I do
    not believe they were illegal or would have been judged illegal at the
    time. I do not think that it would be illegal today to ask whether
    a potential employee has ever used illegal drugs. At that time, I
    believe you could ask if a potential employee has ever been investigated
    for a crime.

    Certain other restrictions do apply for employers that engage in federal
    contracts. Certain exemptions are implied as a result of Supreme-Court
    rulings related to state employees, but not as regards initial employment
    except as it relates to public safety and physical requirements.

    Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly,
    while bad people will find a way around the laws.
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  2. Dan Fraser

    Dan Fraser Guest

    You expect the sales people at RS to know anything about the products. You
    had may as well ask for the best wine to go with a Big Mac.

    As for requiring a SS number, that is blatantly illegal. Or you can give a
    fake one


    Wanna make something of it.

    When paying by cash I say the name is.

    C. Ash
    1313 Mockingbird Lane
    Hollywood CA 99666

    Again, if they don't like it, they could stuff it.

    However, at the local RS, here in Costa Mesa, they no longer ask for name or
    address on cash purchases. I think they finally grasped that is the one
    thing that really pissed people off about them.

    If you need parts to build anything, forget RS.
  3. ptaylor

    ptaylor Guest

    I usually reply simply with "Cash"..if the sales-driod doesn't catch
    on,and ask's me for my first name.. "Cash" then they usually get
    it,and ring me up without any further questions.

    RadioShack is worthless now days.. Last time I went in there looking for
    a simple digital IC (a NAND gate,I think..) I was directed to a rack
    with 4-5 IC"s on it,what was left over..
    I went to the drawers with the LED's and stuff 2 LED's in the store,and
    they didn't have any in back.. (or were too lazy to look) most all the
    drawers were empty,and I was told that they are "phasing out" component
    sales.. That's all they were good for,and now even that is history..
    I went to *4* stores one day looking for 1 single 100K pot...none of
    them had any pots whatsoever,and the parts selection in the other 3
    stores was also nearly non-existant.

    RadioShack is Worthless.
  4. L.

    L. Guest

    FWIW.... my recent visit to the local shack just this past week - I went to
    the counter with my items, he asked my zip code and told me the total, which
    I then paid, bid him a fond farewell and left. End of transaction. He asked
    me for nothing else than my zip code. THAT is no big deal. I could have
    given any, but I did give mine.

    There are other stores in this area - who to my knowledge never collected
    names/addresses, BUT they do ask for zip code. Probably to acquire a "ZIP
    CODE" related bulk mailing list.

  5. Rich.Andrews

    Rich.Andrews Guest

    Radio Shack had an announcement some time ago that stated that they were
    stopping the annoying policy of asking for name and address. There has
    been a change in management and the new mgmt decided that it was tired of
    pissing people off every time they wanted to buy something.

    "We've stopped the practice of asking for your name and address on every
    purchase at your local store!"

  6. John Halley

    John Halley Guest

    Well, this is because they don't hire people anymore who know a thing about
    the technology that they're pushing. They hire sales people who are paid to
    get a sale no matter what.
    It's like 7-11 and Checker Auto Parts. Fine for picking up a fuse, a
    Twinkie, quart of oil.
    Beyond that, you'd better find a good local electronics store.
    Problem is, the good ol' parts stores are rapidly disappearing, at least
    they are here in Denver.
    Gateway - Gone. Krumps - Gone. Quest - Gone. Fistell's might still be
    around, I'll have to check...
    Theses are the places that you have to watch your step as you walk through
    the aisles.
    It was overwhelming. There was nothing you couldn't find!
    I guess I'll just have to start an account with Digikey or Newark or Mouser.
    --- Heavy sigh...---

    The indignant one.

    | Wes Groleau wrote:
    | > But I agree about Radio Shack in general. Not a great place to buy.
    | They *used* to be. Back in the 80s I had a Tandy Color Computer 3 and also
    | bought stereo equipment from them and other computer stuff (including a PC
    | once). They used to make good on things, packaging or not. I have noticed
    | recently that they have went downhill over the years though. Such a shame.
    | My problems were that the staff weren't as well informed about their
    | products as the staff they used to have in the 80s.
  7. JS

    JS Guest

    Digikey is highly regarded round these parts.
  8. alpha_uma

    alpha_uma Guest

    I like DigiKey. Their "online chat" (live online tech help) is easy to use
    and staffed by people who "know their stuff." If I don't feel like spending
    half an hour browsing through their catalogs, I just click on "chat" and ask
    them to look up something for me. They usually find something appropropriate
    for me quickly. Shipping is lightning fast too. It took less than 2 days for
    the package to arrive at my door (in Canada). I heard Mouser is cheaper, but
    I don't buy a large enough quantity of a particular item anyway to make much

  9. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    At the risk of generating so much traffic that a favorite site gets
    overwhelmed and unavailable... try They do a parallel
    search, by part number, of 19 distributors -- the "usual suspects" plus
    a few more I hadn't heard of before.

    It's by part numbers only, not a parametric search, but if you already
    have a part in mind -- need a couple hundred 8085s for that legacy
    product? -- it's quite handy.
  10. Joe

    Joe Guest

    I've had no problems with digikey or mouser for parts. Both offer a pdf
    file of their inventory.

    When I was in Oklahoma, parts from mouser arrived the next day using the
    normal UPS shipping. Digikey was less than a week. I'm sure it will be the
    other way around now that I'm in Michigan.

  11. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    ...and Mouser is better for quantity pricing; aqlmost as good as a disty.
  12. [snip]
    I've found a lot of parts I need on Ebay. Lots cheaper than Digi-Key
    and Mouser.

    I used to go to Radio Scrap a lot more often, maybe once every two
    weeks, but now I'm down to once ever few months. Last year, I got
    burned so bad on some two line telephone sets (half the time the user
    picked it up they couldn't hear anything) that I was very disappointed.
    And with the salesdreoids always busy with some cell phone customer (it
    takes them forever), I've walked out of the store after waiting ten or
    15 minutes with no end in sight. Thanks, RS, you've made our day. :-(
  13. I got shorted by Mouser, ordered and paid for 100, got 50. They made up
    for it tho. I still think Mouser is cheaper. But I've been getting a
    lot of very cheap parts from Ebay.
    With Fedex, everything goes thru Memphis, so it shouldn't make any diff.
    UPS I don't know. Fedex sucks IMHO. Nowadays, DHL is eating UPS' and
    Fedex's lunch, and I hope they put Fedex out of business.
  14. Bob Day

    Bob Day Guest

    I've always had very good luck with FedEx. It's UPS I try
    to avoid.

    -- Bob Day
  15. kony

    kony Guest

    Me too, Fedex always does best job here, a lot of the time I
    ship out regular ground and it gets there next-day. They're
    also cheaper than UPS if you ship pieces-at-a-time instead
    of an account.
  16. Larc

    Larc Guest

    | message
    | | < snip >
    | > With Fedex, everything goes thru Memphis, so it shouldn't make any diff.
    | > UPS I don't know. Fedex sucks IMHO. Nowadays, DHL is eating UPS' and
    | > Fedex's lunch, and I hope they put Fedex out of business.
    | >
    | I've always had very good luck with FedEx. It's UPS I try
    | to avoid.

    Amen to that! NewEgg ships via FedEx and my stuff nearly always
    arrives at least a day earlier than scheduled. :)


    §§§ - Change planet to earth to reply by email - §§§
  17. ThePetPage

    ThePetPage Guest

    And with the salesdreoids always busy with some cell phone customer (it
    And even when they are available, they don't know anything 'bout electronics! I
    won't go back. Also, All Electronics Corp is pretty good with parts.

  18. John Halley

    John Halley Guest

    My personal experience with Digikey:
    I was the official Parts Dude at a well-known company what makes door
    security access thingies.
    Surface-mount items mostly, but when I wanted it quick, it was Digi-Key.
    I would get parts orders in at 4:30 Post Meridian Denver time and have the
    merchandise by 10:30 Ante Meridian by FedEx the very next day.
    Not bad, I think...

    | |
    | > It was overwhelming. There was nothing you couldn't find!
    | > I guess I'll just have to start an account with Digikey or Newark or
    | > Mouser. --- Heavy sigh...---
    | >
    | Digikey is highly regarded round these parts.
  19. Mr. Uh Clem

    Mr. Uh Clem Guest

    [snip sick recipe]

    Watch out for these posts. They are part of an attack
    on the newsgroup by an entity
    known as "hipcrime". (google for it.)

    Forged posts are made to various groups with the followup-to:
    header set to NANAE is being
    bombarded directly and indirectly by the "WTF!", "I didn't
    post that!", etc. responses. If you want to post a warning
    to a group or groups, make sure you reset the headers
    appropriately, or you will be aiding hipcrime in the DOS.
  20. _Vanguard_

    _Vanguard_ Guest

    While some NNTP clients will alert the user that the FollowUp-To header
    has been used, many do not. Outlook Express does not. Seeing that a
    poster is trying to disconnect replies to their post back into some
    "home" group would be very helpful to me. If they don't want to
    continue the discussion in the group in which I participate then my
    group was not an appropriate or related group for their post in the
    first place. In fact, I would love if OE had a rule that would check if
    the FollowUp-To header were used and delete that post so I wouldn't even
    be bothered to see it. But then I'd like to delete any posts with
    "!mail2news" in the PATH header to eliminate seeing message from posters
    using anonymous mail-to-news gateways. Of course, OE's rules suck so it
    doesn't take much to get beyond its capabilities (oh, I've tried
    Thunderbird and its rules suck as bad as OE's). Xnews had better rules
    (defined in an external file) but have UI deficiencies and I came back
    to OE.

    If they post to a group where I visit and also to other groups, like to
    their "home" group, then the post should have been related to every
    group to which it was posted so it should have been cross-posted.
    Cross-posting would eliminate the need for the FollowUp-To header since
    the poster can view the replies in their home group while I can view
    them in my group, and no one must necessarily subscribe to anyone else's
    preferred group to continue or monitor the discussion. Anyone who uses
    the FollowUp-To but does not announce that fact in their post should be
    considered very rude and possibly attempting something nasty, like
    redirecting replies to alt.test to avoid anyone in those groups seeing
    the negative replies that the poster expects. Even if they announce it,
    and because they chose to post in my group and I don't want to visit
    their group or post over there (because I don't know if my reply would
    really be appropriate over there), I'll use the FollowUp-To header (and
    announce it) to subvert their use of the FollowUp-To header. Tit for
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