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Beware of Radio Shack

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by news, Jul 15, 2004.

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  1. Bill B.

    Bill B. Guest

    One of my favorite names to give out is Nikolai Rimsky-Korsokov. "Can
    you spell it please?" No. "Can I see your ID to get the information?"
    F*CK NO!

    Radio Shack, aka "The Shack," is one of the worst companies ON THE
    PLANET to work for. I did time with them this past November and December
    to make a little extra Xmas spending cash. The only thing about the
    whole deal that I don't consider a waist of time is that now I know I'll
    never work for them again.

    They were trying to get away with paying Texas min wages in California.
    Texas (where they are HQ'd) has a significantely lower m/w than CA.
  2. DevilsPGD

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <EQQKc.2460$> "Bill B."
    Respond with "Can I see yours?" and take it from there.
  3. Or asking the rather geeky male clerk "Sure, you can have my phone
    number. You're kinda cute. Can I have yours?"
  4. Gnarlodious

    Gnarlodious Guest

    Entity Peter A Forbes spoke thus:
    That looks like a nifty gadget. Does anyone know if it will work with Mac
    OSX? I know it plugs into PS2 and Macs don't have them, But I use a PS2
    mouse with an adapter. Any hacks for this?

    -- Gnarlie
    I think, therefore I'm single.
    Lizz Winstead
  5. L

    L Guest

    You may want to do some more homework, just a couple days ago or so, I seen
    a series of posts of the "Cuecat" being used as "spyware". Not sure if it
    would do the same on your set up since it's not a "PC" as such as the rest
    who are affected by the crap Macs aren't. I have a Cuecat on my desk top,
    but the DT hasn't been on in months, so not much spying going on there.
    Besides, when I DID try it, it didn't seem to work as it was cut out to, so

  6. Did you read ALL of it ? :))

  7. You can use a CueCat on a Mac with a PS2 to USB adapter, according to this
    site: <>

    But why bother? You can get a USB CueCat that'll connect directly to your
    Mac. Do a search on eBay.

    You'll want to either get a modified CueCat, or modify it yourself. A
    modded CueCat will output the barcode as typed text, so you can use it to
    "type" UPC and ISBN numbers directly into any program that allows keyboard
    input -- TextEdit, web forms, databases, etc. Here are a few web sites
    with CueCat info and modification instructions:


    You can also find modification instructions in the book "Hardware Hacking",
    by Joe Grand, Ryan Russell and Kevin Mitnick.
  8. w2rac

    w2rac Guest

    Here is a little somthing I used to keep from giving out my SS# where
    it is not necessary by law.


    On this ____________day of____________, 20___, the following
    identified corporation; or partnership; or organization; or
    individual; or federal, state, county, or local government, or agency,
    or subdivision thereof; hereby identified as
    _________________________________________; denied a service; a right;
    a benefit; or a privilege to an individual named
    __________________________ based on that individual's refusal to
    disclose his/her Social Security number.

    The person immediately responsible, whether as an individual, or a
    representative of
    ________________________________________, for the denial of a right;
    benefit; service; or a privilege, is __________________________.

    TITLE 5 of the United States Code Annotated, 552(a), is known as the
    Privacy Act. The Act states that:
    (A) actual damages sustained by the individual as a result of the
    refusal or failure, but in no case shall a person be entitled to
    recovery receive less than the sum of $1000.00, and
    (B) the costs of the action together with reasonable attorney fees
    as determined by the court.

    In the guideline and Regulations for Maintenance of Privacy and
    Protection of Records on individuals, it is stated:
    (a) (1) it shall be unlawful .. to deny any individual any right,
    benefit, or privilege provided by ... because of such individual's
    refusal to disclose his/her
    Social Security account number.

    The herein undersigned complainant has specifically explained that the
    denial of a right; benefit; service; or privilege to any individual
    due to refusal to supply a Social security account number is a
    violation of 5 USC 552(a), and makes a person denying the right;
    benefit; service; or privilege liable to a minimum $ 1,000.00
    judgment, plus court and attorney costs.

    If the party refusing the right; benefit; service; or privilege
    refuses to sign this Statement of Fact, the name and identification of
    the Police Officer called to report the matter will be listed below.

    Signature of person refusing service; right; benefit; or privilege:

    Signature of Complainant:

    Name of Police Officer taking report:

    Rank: __________ Badge Number _______________
  9. I get really sick and tired of every time I buy something there, I have
    to wait in line for a salesdroid to finish up selling a cell phone to
    someone who hasn't a clue. It takes forever... Paperwork, explanations
    of what they're signing, etc. One guy ahead of me waited and waited,
    and then asked the droid how long he was going to be. The droid said a
    few more minutes, and he just got disgusted and tossed the goods on the
    counter and left. I walked back to the shelves and put the couple
    things I had back on the pins, and left.

    Somehow I get the feeling more and more that they're really not in the
    business of selling anything other than cell phones, satellite dishes
    and xmas toys. And the 'droids admit it; they have first-hand
  10. You mean WAS good for. They have cut back on their stock of same parts
    to the point where the stores have a small fraction of the selection
    they used to have. Now you have to order those parts thru the catalog
    or online. :-(
  11. I just tell them "declined" and they put declined in there.
  12. Easy for you to say. Talk's cheap, tell us if you've ever not backed
    down in such a situation.

    Besides, he got his revenge in the end. The manager was gone.
  13. Grinder

    Grinder Guest

    There's probably someone named Dee Kline that's pissed at you.
  14. My experience is that there is a constant turnover of salesdroids,
    mainly because the pay isn't good. They are paid on a commission basis,
    and if they don't sell a lot of high profit items like satellite dishes
    and cellphones, then they don't make much money.
  15. The impression I got was that the CoCo was a toy. But I boguth a Model
    100 and it was a toy, but it was a _portable_ toy. Cost me a thousand
    dollars the week it came out.
  16. I don't know what country you'e from, but that kind of stuff is illegal
    in the U.S.

  17. kony

    kony Guest

    Is there a law against consensual polygraphs?
    I'd imagine their lawyers have kept questioning within legal
    boundaries, even if offensive. Certainly the law cannot
    effectively eliminate offensive behavior.
  18. Grinder

    Grinder Guest

    They never really got cheap. I'm glad mine lasted for the duration of
    all my lab classes.
  19. Obfus Kataa

    Obfus Kataa Guest

    Sat, 31 Jul 2004 (20:16 -0700 UTC) Watson A.Name - "Watt Sun, the Dark...:
    I was in the US, but I am not sure to which kind of Stuff you refer.

    Polygraph? It was not illegal in 1978 to use it for employment screening.
    Unless you can cite a statute, I do not believe it is currently illegal
    (federally) for a private company to ask invasive questions in interviews.

    Explosives tracking? Now, I need a GIF. Please, also cite a US statute
    that makes it illegal for a federal enforcement agency to subpoena records
    of the sale of a part found in an illegal explosive device.

    I do recall reading an article in the _New York Times_ about a bomb that was
    tracked to Radio Shack. I also recall the article stating that the
    government hoped that the RS practice of recording information about their
    sales would help them track the part to its place of purchase. It wasn't
    that they could say Jenny Truepwop bought this part. Rather it was these
    1000 people have bought this part in these 425 locations. Now, of those 425
    locations, other evidence points to these 4. Of these four, we have
    interviewed a suspect in this location. In fact, it was Theodore
    Kaczynski's use of difficult-to-trace supplies that partly accounted for the
    difficulty in his being caught.

    In the Linda Tripp case (not explosives) the following Tandy statement was
    "Pursuant to a subpoena from the Maryland State Prosecutor, Radio Shack has
    provided sales records of a recording device purchased by Linda Tripp... A
    Radio Shack store manager and sales associate were also subpoenaed and did
    testify before the Maryland grand jury. It is Radio Shack's policy to inform
    customers who purchase recording devices that it is illegal to record
    someone without their consent in the state of Maryland."

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  20. John Miller

    John Miller Guest

    Obfus Kataa wrote to someone:
    There are quite a number of types of questions which are federally illegal
    to ask of potential employees. Most relate to things that could be held to
    be discriminatory (for example, just one seemingly innocuous question out
    of hundreds you will break the law if you ask is, "do you have children?").
    General rule for interviewers who don't want to have to memorize all the
    statues is, if the question doesn't relate directly to job requirements,
    it's safer not to ask it.

    John Miller
    Email address: domain,; username, jsm

    Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.
    -Mark Twain
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