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Beware of Radio Shack

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by news, Jul 15, 2004.

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  1. Jon Danniken

    Jon Danniken Guest

    Yep, same here, although the selection of discrete components has vastly diminished over the last twenty
    or so odd years.

  2. Jon Danniken

    Jon Danniken Guest

    I used to get a kick out of telling them my name, "Jon", and then when they asked for the last name I
    would say, "Doe". Most of the time they would write down the last name before they figured it out.

  3. Fuzzie Dice

    Fuzzie Dice Guest

    They *used* to be. Back in the 80s I had a Tandy Color Computer 3 and also
    bought stereo equipment from them and other computer stuff (including a PC
    once). They used to make good on things, packaging or not. I have noticed
    recently that they have went downhill over the years though. Such a shame.
    My problems were that the staff weren't as well informed about their
    products as the staff they used to have in the 80s.
  4. Wes Groleau

    Wes Groleau Guest

    !?! Back in the 80's, I bought TRS-80 model I
    I also bought the schematics and dumped it
    as soon as I discovered how incompetent the designers were.

    Back in the 1980s was also the time when I asked for
    a BNC connector, and the guy pointed at a wall that
    I had already been looking at for a while. After
    a little discussion, he finally pulled something
    else off the hook, handed it to me, and said
    "THIS is a CB connector!"

    CoCo was later--and I have no clue whether it was
    any good, because by then I was thoroughly prejudiced
    against RS.
  5. MCheu

    MCheu Guest

    It varies by the store, but according to one store manager at a local
    store a month ago, it's official policy and their point of sale system
    requires the clerk to enter a customer's personal information (no
    matter how payment is done, or what is bought). The excuse given to
    me is that it's for warrranty purposes, though that's BS, because they
    don't warranty batteries or electronic components.

    However, at other stores where the staff seems to have gotten an IQ,
    they've figured out that while the information needs to be entered, it
    doesn't need to be accurate. RS Corporate HQ's database probably
    shows that Anne Nonymous, Jean Cretien, and Paul Martin buy an
    inordinate amount of RS crap from stores all over Canada.
  6. Obfus Kataa

    Obfus Kataa Guest

    RS or Tandy is an arm of the secret government. If you use RS parts in your
    next explosive device, the parts can be traced to your address. Tandy also
    used to ask some very invasive questions in their job interviews which took
    place while the interviewee was attached to a polygraph.

    If art has died, or the audience has withered away, then we find ourselves
    free of two dead weights.
    -Hakim Bey
    15:02 up 37 days, 16:46, 1 user, load averages: 0.10 0.11 0.16
  7. EdC

    EdC Guest

    I have worked at a RS for over 5 years and it has NEVER been RS policy
    to ask for a
    SSN on a sale. If it is for a credit application, that is different.
    What The database
    doesn't even have a space for that info. It has a place for your phone
    number and yr name.
    And yr email if you want to give it. For the past 6-8 mionth it has also
    been RS policy not to ask for and info unless it is for a warranty type
    item. (phone, stereo, TV, scanner) This way it is easier to find the
    receipt. We have had many customers come in with a unit that they claim
    was under warranty, but didn't have a receipt. And they refused to give
    their name when it was purchased. So did they buy it last month, or 6
    months ago or 13 months ago. No way to prove anything. They are out of
    luck unless the associate remembers selling it to them.
    Why did you leave 'real quick'? Nothing you had done was against the law.
    Sorry but I am having a hard time believing this letter.
  8. gothika

    gothika Guest

    Please! Radio Shack is guilty as sin about collecting as much personal
    info on their customers as they can get away with.
    Has everyone forgotten the cuecat fiasco?
    I hooked one of these invasive pieces of crap up to my computer years
    back just to see what it'd do.
    Had my firewall software set to it's highest settings.
    The minute I connected to the net the cuecat started trying to send
    all the data it could harvest off my HD to the cuecat's manufacturer's
    After I opened it up and applied the hardware hack to kill this
    function it did work as a passable barcode reader.
    Just do a google or dogpile search of "Cuecat" to read all the legal
    crap that fell on the heads at Radio Shack over that one.
  9. gothika

    gothika Guest

    The laws in the US are such that the customer Doesn't have to give any
    info that could be used in an invasive manner.
    Any store clerk or manager that says otherwise is full of crap.
    All you have to do is stand your ground.
    The clerk will then usually enter the stores address and number into
    the register.

    I've pretty much quit using their crap products anyhow.(Just bought
    little things like connectors and jacks etc...)
    In the past few months they've changed their inventory scheme where
    you have to purchase 2-3 of the same item just to get one and their
    unit prices have gone through the roof to boot.
    It wouldn't be so bad if their products were of any measure of
    quality, mostly very poor crap.(The last sub-mini stereo headphone
    jack I purchased their lasted about 2 months then came apart at the
    seams. A bad deal when you consider it cost me nearly 4 bucks US.)
    Purchased a replacement jack at a local parts supply house for 1.49
    and got a quality Switchcraft all metal crome and stainless jack
    that'll probably outlast the cord it's soldered to.
  10. gothika

    gothika Guest

    Radio Shack started going down hill back in the early 70's when they
    finally dumped all of the Archer line(British) of electronic
    Used to be able to get just about any Cap/Transistor/SCR or any other
    electronic component there.
    Hasen't been that way for nearly 3 decades.
  11. I am not a Radio Shack user so cannot comment on the ongoing discussion about
    Social Security numbers etc etc., but the CueCat saga was very interesting, and
    I found the following page in particular to be very revealing:

  12. Seems strange that they should have depended on a UK sourced range, but we do
    still have that kind of product range over here at other retailers (Maplins for
    example) and the amateur constructor still lives here too.

  13. DevilsPGD

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <> gothika
    Sure, but the company isn't forced to do business with you either. You
    both have a choice.
  14. jim

    jim Guest

    Sure, but the company isn't forced to do business with you either. You
    both have a choice.[/QUOTE]

    Yes they both have a choice but a customer does not have to give ANY
    information if the transaction is a cash transaction. RS has asked me
    for the usual and I simply tell them no, nothing else other than no. If
    the cashier strats to question it i simply tell him no once more a
    little louder and that usually takes care of the matter. When they bring
    up the warranty spiel I tell them simply thats what the receipt is and
    they don;t need anyting else from me.

    As for SS#, a customer never has to give out their social security
    number on anything other than a government situation, banking, credit.
    anyone else that asks for it you can refuse. If it is used for an
    identification # like a local supermarket was doing for their frequent
    shoppers club, that is simply illegal as the SS# can not be used for
    identification numbers for anyone othert than the government. I simply
    refuse to give it to anyone.

    I know they can get it by a simple credit report but I like giving them
    a hard time when they have no business asking for the information.
  15. DevilsPGD

    DevilsPGD Guest

    In message <> jim
    You don't have to give any information for any type of transaction, cash
    or not.

    If you choose to not provide any information, the store can refuse to
    sell you their product. Cash or not, you can't force them to sell you
    their product.

    The cash element is completely irrelevant.
  16. Cindy Murray

    Cindy Murray Guest

    My biggest problem with Radio Shack is that I happen to be female, so
    they automatically assume that I don't know what I'm talking about. I
    happen to have a degree in Sound Technology (audio engineering), and I
    know more about computers and electronics than a lot of men. Yet every
    time I go in there, they act like they don't know what I'm talking about
    and then they try to talk me into buying something else. Recent
    example: I needed an RF converter to hook an old game system up to an
    old tv that wasn't cable ready. I figured I could get a simple A/B
    switch type converter for a couple of bucks at Radio Shaft. WRONG! The
    guy had NO IDEA what I was talking about (I'm thinking, "this guy is a
    moron!), so I explained the usage, and he tried to sell me this $60
    converter that has inputs for Cable TV, Satellite dish, and video games,
    etc., but STILL won't hook-up to the antenna. I suppose he was too
    young (he was EARLY 20's), so maybe he doesn't remember that TVs used to
    have antennas or that video games ever used anything besides an A/V
    connector. At any rate, he couldn't seem to figure it out, and I
    couldn't find what I was looking for in the store, so I drove 30 minutes
    to the local True Value Hardware Store and found exactly what I needed
    for approximately $2.
  17. I was in Best Buy recently and they were asking all customers -- both
    cash and credit card -- for their phone numbers at every sale.

    Customers didn't seem to mind giving the info.
  18. John Miles

    John Miles Guest

    There was absolutely no correlation between Archer components and any
    particular country of origin, including the UK. "Archer" was just one
    of countless RS store brands, like Micronta, Realistic, Optimus, etc.

    -- jm
  19. D.F. Manno

    D.F. Manno Guest

    Maybe because they were giving them incorrect numbers. I might do that
    if the merchant insisted a phone number was required.

    Most times, though, when asked for my phone number, I ask why it's
    needed. The merchant usually drops the request at that point.
  20. I never give any store my phone number. I don't know if they are even
    allowed to demand it, but I'm sure as trout not obligated to give it.
    I just say "I don't have a phone" and leave it at that. (Which is
    technically true, since I have no landline, just a cell)

    I remember once I walked into Radio Shack to buy a $2 cable and they
    insisted on my name and address. I told them "James T. Kirk of the
    Starship Enterprise". They wrote it down!!!!!!!!! :)
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