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better batteries

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by boombombap, Dec 11, 2004.

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  1. boombombap

    boombombap Guest

    is it me or are some batteries better than others?? It seems my digital
    mavica works better with alkaline batteries than the regualr heavy duty
    batteries. does this happen to anyone else?

    boom boom bap
  2. Alkaline cells tend to have much lower internal resistance than
    regular (zinc carbon) cells, even though the actual energy rating may
    not be much different. This lower resistance allows the cells to put
    out large current pulses without the instantaneous voltage sagging so
    far. Makes a big difference for loads like cameras that use current
    in big gulps.

  3. Alkaline batteries have dramatically higher capacity than so called "heavy
    duty" batteries. Typically alkaline cells will have somewhere from 2.5 to 4
    times the rated capacity of a similarly sized heavy duty cell. In a
    practical application such as a digital camera, the drain rate is quite high
    and thanks the to alkaline cell's much lower internal resistance, the actual
    useful run time will be more (perhaps significantly) than 2.5 to 4 times

    In high drain rate devices such as digital cameras though, a set of NiMH
    batteries will typically provide significantly longer runtime than even the
    alkaline cells. A typical AA alkaline cell (ex: Energizer) has a claimed
    capacity rating of 2850mAh (but down to 0.8V/cell, much too low for most
    equipment to continue functioning), but typical NiMH AA cells often have
    around 2000mAh ratings (but drained only to around 1.0V per cell, which most
    equipment still functions at). NiMH cells have much lower internal
    resistance than the alkaline cells, and so the useful life in high drain
    rate applications such as a digital camera will be noticeably superior. Run
    time may be say around twice per charge or so compared to that of using
    alkaline cells. The moral of the story is use NiMH cells in your digital

    See also the very recent thread in titled "help on
    batteries" by Pvt.Radar.
  4. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    I picked up a NiMH charger and four 1900 mAH AA cells for about twenty
    bucks at Fry's not too long ago. I also bought another pack of NiMH AAs,
    rated 2000 mAH.

    The most notable thing about them is that they're the first batteries I've
    ever seen (or heard of, for that matter) that actually have their mAH
    rating printed right on them.

  5. Micro Center had a big bin full of those (with 4-2000mAH NiMH) for
    US$4.73. How can they do that? The four batteries alone were worth
    more than $4.73. I wish now that I had bought more of them.
    I'd like to see all batteries marked this way. It would sure make
    things easier.
  6. Guest

    The best I have found, so far, are these 2300 mAH AA cells:
    I also have an MH-401 FS charger and am very happy with it.
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