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best UPS fortress li 1.3k, 1.7k, 2.0k service manual needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Andrew Kibler, May 18, 2005.

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  1. Hey all, There's a great old power UPS, full sine wave and all, that
    people are getting rid of for CHEAP called the best fortress li 1.3K.
    (1.3 KVA) it has nice features like buck, boost without touching the
    battery, good surge protection, and serial and telnet data and mode set
    access. Anyways, I have a few minorly broken ones and plan to get a few
    of these for projects, I wonder if anyone has or has access to the
    service manual/schematics for these. I will trade for this a full scan
    of the users manual including special 'secret' setting modes that can be
    accessed through the front panel.

    looking for the service manual/schematics for theBest Power Fortress LI
    1.3K UPS. (1.4k, 1.7k, and 2.0k are basically the same model and will
    work also!!)

    email me directly,

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