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Best Universal Remote?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    What is the best universal remote out there at a reasonable price?

    There are many universal remotes out there, but outside of turning on,
    switching channels, playing & recording, most don't seem to control all
    functions so you still have to keep the original remote to set
    schedules for the VCR or the contrast, brightness, etc for TV's and so
    on. Even if some of these are controllable by the remote, good luck in
    finding where they are or remembering what button to push. If all the
    buttons were on the remote, it would be the size of the family car.
    Using the original remote to program the codes in the univeral remote
    would be long and tedious to get all the functions from the old remote.

    My idea of a perfect remote would be one that would allow you to select
    each device by a single button and have a touch screen that would be
    setup to emulate all the device's functions. It would probably have to
    be set up using a code like most do today, but I would think that
    downloading the functions from the internet or an included CD would be
    more practical since loading and maintaining all the functions you
    would need would be very hard in the remote itself. I would think
    doing the setup and generating the macros would best be done on a
    computer also.

    Is there any remote out there that does this that does not cost as much
    as a TV itself?

    I have seen products by a company called Universal Remote Control that
    are interesting. The MX-350 Osiris has some nice features and can
    control things by RF. The price at around $130 (street) and its
    associated MRF-250 RF receiver (about $60 street) are reasonable. My
    son just got this unit with his home theater. I am going to check it
    out, but I thought I would see what you-all thought.
  2. JR North

    JR North Guest

    I use the 'One For All Big Easy 3'. This is an uncomplicated, simple to
    program and use URM with great, big glow-in-the-dark keys. It will
    operate 3 devices, and works the full menu options and functions with my
    Magnavox TVs, Sanyo VCRs and DVD players. Comes with a vast list of
    supported devices. $12 on the web.
    My .02
  3. RonKZ650

    RonKZ650 Guest

    They are all 100% Chinese scum of the earth. If you want a good remote
    you need to buy the original equipment part.
  4. RonKZ650

    RonKZ650 Guest

    They are all 100% Chinese scum of the earth. If you want a good remote
    you need to buy the original equipment part.
  5. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    The universal remotes will never do all the functions of the set. You
    will only be able to do the basics. I found for me, the best universal
    was the One-For-All series.

    In the end, you will need the origional if you want to be able to
    access all the features of your set.

    Jerry G.
  6. Ray L. Volts

    Ray L. Volts Guest

    Most originals are 100% Chinese scum of the earth now.
  7. I have a One for All Kameleon 10, and it works pretty well.

    Controls up to 10 devices, touch screen, both IR and RF, receiver
    included, can be upgraded over the phone(!), or with audio files
    downloaded from their web. Chargable batteries and charger included.

    It appears that this one is not available in the US.

    I paid around $170, which is a bit, but well worth it for me. I use it
    to control all my stuff from another room. I use the universal remote
    that came with my Denon AVR-3805 HT receiver to control the stuff
    while I'm in the room with all the stuff.
  8. Guest

    The Harmony looks good, but I'll tell you, you can't beat the RF
    remotes. No misfires. The one my son has is the MX-350 Osiris by
    Universal Remote. It has the handheld unit and a RF remote that
    retransmits to devices that work on infrared through little
    transmitters (6 of them) that stick to each device as well as a
    retransmitter on the RF remote itself. It appears to work like the
    The Kameleon 10 sounded good until you said you use the Denon remote
    when you are in the room with all the equipment. If it was as good as
    what I am looking for, it would be used all the time!

    Harmony 880, but is more like the Logitech 966193-0403 PC / MAC
    Infrared / RF Remote Control. That thing sells for nearly $400 where
    the MX-350 sells for about $190 for both units on the street. The
    MX-350 (that my son has) does not seem to have a way to connect it to a
    computer, but
    maybe I am wrong here. It does seem to be a very nice unit and easy to

    Anyone ever have a chance to compare these two?
  9. The downside of the MX350 is that it requires a $170 interface to connect to
    a computer to archive or upload programs. It made sense for us to get
    becasue we do dozens of them for our clients. For an individual, I'd
    suggest the Harmony. It is a bit easier to work with IMO and has the USB
    interface built in.

  10. Guest

    hmmmm. Interesting. That sure gives one to the Harmony. What else
    besides the USB built-in interface makes it easier to work with? Why
    don't you use it, because it is more expensive after you purchase the
    interface for the MX350?
  11. I think the Harmony is easier for someone who is not used to programming
    these remotes and can just download the configuration with the USB
    interface. The MX350 is cheaper and we use a lot of them. We invested in
    the interface because we do use them. The MX350 is really easy to set up if
    you have to learn codes from another remote.

    Either is fine if yo uget to know them well enough. For an individual who
    may not spend a lot of time learning to program, I think the Harmony is
    easier. JMO, YMMV.

  12. Matti Kaki

    Matti Kaki Guest

    And if you have SONY HDD-DVD -recorder you probably can't find
    an universal remote which can be used. I needed extra remote for
    upstairs where I'm using wireless link.

    Finally I found a reasonable good one from Clas Ohlson. Was 66 euros
    and it can be programmed. Is quite sutrdy too. May a little bit too
    sturdy. :) Has worked just fine. Named only "SMART Remote".

    It is a swedish company and has no shops in the UK. But if somebody
    recognizes this remote it is perhaps possible to find worldwide too.

    This programmable remote has been quite popular but I haven't tired it.

    Medion has one too but it is just awful. You can't really use it and
    some SONY codes were impossible to store. Here is a picture just for
    warning. Do not buy this one!
  13. GregS

    GregS Guest

    I have a big problem with remotes that only do one TV set. I prefer to have at least two TV's
    set up and running.

  14. MTLNews

    MTLNews Guest

    I got myself 2 OneForAll URC-8811 units, and they work like a charm for all
    my devices. Even wierd remotes like my Yamaha Receiver which needs discrete
    codes, and a small Samsung TV which I could not get any other remote which
    had access to some of the special buttons. And even if you can't get the
    discrete tables for your devices (which are not too difficult to find on the
    net), there are Learning keys. Remote can be had for < $25 in most cases.

    Combine that with a JP1 cable, and you got yourslef a fully customizable
    remote, which can do just about anything for most IR remotes. They even
    have the 9910 model, which is similar but has an RF addition. RF base,
    which can be used as a repeater. Great for controling Larger HT units and
    HTPC, which are hidden away in closets, etc....

    The URC8811 is honestly the best bang for the buck in my opinion. Plenty
    8811 and 8910/11 units to be had on ebay also. Remotes are made by UEI, and
    distributed under the "OneForALL" name brand.

    They even have 4 macro buttons, which I love for turning on all my devices
    one shot, and same for turning them all off.

    Just my $0.02 worth.
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