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Best TV tuner sections for over-the-air reception

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by PScooter63, Feb 14, 2005.

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  1. PScooter63

    PScooter63 Guest

    I want to buy a new TV for my mom, who refuses to invest in even basic
    cable. Her reception's pretty bad on the sets she has now, 'cause she
    also won't allow the rooftop antenna to be renovated.

    So... who's putting the best-quality tuner sections into their 20" sets

    (Even on CATV, my very expensive Panasonic falters where supposedly
    "lesser" models from JVC and Samsung do just fine.)

  2. hmmmm.... While taking her out to a nice luncheon, have someone
    replace the antenna and all of the exposed transmission line.
    Would she even know? (She doesn't still climb up on the roof,
    does she? :)

    " 'Tis easier to get forgiveness than permission. "

  3. dociscool

    dociscool Guest

    As the other poster mentioned, you're much better off just buying a new roof
    antenna and replacing the outside coax. Use the existing roof mount and
    internal wiring if it's known good. Just about all modern TVs with on screen
    tuning have weak receivers really meant for cable or satellite only. The
    best OTA reception you'll get out of a modern TV using even the most
    expensive amplified rabbit ears is around 15 to 20 miles. You'll spend the
    same money trying to find a better TV that probably won't receive much
    better than what you have right now. Or...look in the flea markets for a
    high qualtiy TV from the 70s like a Zenith, Sylvania, or Quasar as those
    will usually pick up all of the regional stations just fine with rabbit
    ears. They were really built for long range OTA reception in mind.
  4. Jeff Rigby

    Jeff Rigby Guest

    Go to and see what is available in her area. IF there are
    quite a few DT stations (digital or HD) in her area you might want to invest
    in a HD tuner that can downconvert (most can) to her TV. This in most cases
    will give you a perfect picture where it bordered on unwatchable with analog
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