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Best solder free electrical connection

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by john hamilton, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. Guest

    Another idiot Europeon.
  2. Guest

    I don't doubt you at all. That was the scuttlebutt around NY.
  3. Guest

    He doesn't look a day older today than he did then.
  4. It must have been a different time, my vision is worse or I'm too ugly
    and they just didn't want to tell me. I'm getting paranoid, I think the
    whole world is out to crap on me, yea, that's it, it's a conspiracy. :cool:

  5. Kenny

    Kenny Guest

    He could tell you that from looking up your arse? That's one good

  6. Military physician, they had the latest diagnostic toys. :cool:

  7. tony sayer

    tony sayer Guest

    Umm .... anyone here ever heard of snipping an article like above?.

    Means you don't have to keep scrolling down tru all the previous to get
    to the latest comments?...
  8. tony sayer

    tony sayer Guest

    We weren't big enough among other things to afford a space programme
    which is no shame....
  9. tony sayer

    tony sayer Guest

    There was also a big outcry at the time about the pollution--apparently

    Well thats like saying where are Stevenson's locomotives working today

    Rather pointless...
  10. tony sayer

    tony sayer Guest

    Insult, if it makes you feel better or in someway superior;!...
  11. tony sayer

    tony sayer Guest

    And where was there criticism?..
  12. tony sayer

    tony sayer Guest

    You Sir are very welcome to have the last word on this one;!..

    Over and out....
  13. Guest

    I think the cocaine was probably just to perk him up so he could drink
    more. I didn't really like him very much, as he spent most of his time
    scowling, and being very rude to everyone. The upside was that his
    "posse" included some interesting and fun characters. Among them was a
    fellow named Ben McGowan, who was in (Kawasaki Lets the Good Times
    Roll) advertising. He was a real character, and always on board for
    adventure. Another was a young and relatively unknown sports writer
    named Mike Lupica. He's since become very well known.
  14. Well, we could top post! :cool:

  15. It's my idiot filter.
    If they're too lazy to edit, I can be to lazy to read their comment.

  16. What do you expect from draft dodgers..
  17. and what is now the best solder-free solder?

    Kind regards
  18. Guest

    No insult; fact.
  19. Guest

    IIRC, Mike Lupika was already a sports writer for the NY Post when he was on
    IitM. He went up from there, but hardly an unknown in the NY area. I always
    thought Charles McCord was the brains in the outfit. Imus was too stoned. I
    remember the time he, on a break, went into the janitor's closet, thinking it
    was the men's room. He was so blotto never knew any better. McCord had to go
    find him. I think that's when he got the "opportunity" in Cleveland.
  20. Guest

    Not being a big follower of sports, I didn't think of him as well
    known at all. Imus used to tease him about being somewhat short. He
    was very likable and interesting.
    Really? You were there? LOL!
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