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Best solder free electrical connection

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by john hamilton, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. Guest

    But not with oil. He used white, dry, "lubricant". THat was when he was
  2. Teasing is part of the Usenet experience, if we didn't like you we
    wouldn't even respond to you. You get a bunch of guys together and
    they are going to throw jabs at each other and kid around. It's
    basically what we call horseplay. It's like those celebrity roasts
    that are shown on TV, some of the most horrible and vile insults
    are thrown about by friends. :cool:

  3. I remember reading something about it written by Wernher von Braun.
    He wrote that they checked and rechecked those rockets over and over
    again more than they had ever tested any of them before. They wanted
    zero defects. Apollo 13 was a bit of a fail and the tragic fire on
    the pad that killed three astronauts led to an extensive redesign and
    stringent quality control measures for the whole program. Gosh, I have
    to wonder if we're up to the task to accomplish the same thing today?

  4. Guest

    A dive isn't flight - it's a "powered fall"
  5. Guest

    Agreed. ...just wanted to set the record straight before the Europeons came
    unglued, again.
  6. Guest

    No beer. I believe his favorite was vodka and coke. It may have been Gin and
    coke, but it's been 30 years since I listened regularly.
  7. The only time I've seen that happen is when someone attacks the family
    or children of a nasty poster. I'll pounce and tell them to leave the
    uninvolved folks out of it. One particularly foul individual posted a
    farewell to his grandmother who had just passed away and a rival started
    making fun of the late old woman. I let him know real quick it was in
    bad taste and to direct his anger at Mr. Nasty and not someone who was
    defenseless. There is such a thing as propriety.

  8. Steve Firth

    Steve Firth Guest

    Well no, they were known as Merkins long before the the term "amearkin"
    and you seem to be a tedious, humourless twot.

    Go off and play with the Shermans they seem your sort of people.
  9. =============================================================================

    you're wrong as usual
  10. So, how much money has the space shuttle made?
  11. I always find it so amusing when a bunch of convicts, black sheep and
    discarded gentry whose morals made them unacceptable in their own
    country, plus a bunch of people who were either starving, or whose
    religious attitudes were so uptight that they couldn't be tolerated ,
    arrive in a place teeming with natural resources (and virtually empty
    apart from a few asiatics, who treat them very nicely and help stop them
    dying of stupidity), and then proceed to breed like rabbits, commit
    genocide on the natives, rape the resources and turn it into the
    tackiest example of vulgar ostentation since Eve discovered bling, have
    the nerve to assert that the only thing they actually know, making
    money, is somehow indicative of superior religious political and moral

    Or that a tradition of racism, genocide and slavery is somehow liberating.

    Oh well. It's all over now, baby blue. The resources have run out, and
    china wants its cash back.

    And those who confuse being in the right place at the right time with
    innate superiority, are in for a rude awakening.
  12. Guest

    He was drinking heavily, like you, Meatpuff.
  13. Guest

    He was drinking copious quantities of vodka in those days, and he
    wasn't all that funny in person. In fact, he was quite rude and
    unpleasant. His then wife, Harriet, however was a sweetheart, and some
    of his friends were fun to be around.
  14. Guest

    He didn't drink beer.

    Orange juice in his Vodka.
  15. At least I had some to burn out...
  16. Good lord. What came over you?
  17. Shame it didn't stop them killing more people then,.
  18. Teredo

    Teredo Guest

    Key word - "had"
  19. Let it roll off your back because words can never hurt you unless
    followed by the banging of a gavel in a courtroom. :cool:

    Oh yea, thanks for your service. Both my parents, my older brother
    and paternal great uncle were regular army. I was in college during
    The Vietnam War and joined up and was turned down even though I was
    in the greatest shape of my life. I didn't know that I had stumbled
    upon the secret of avoiding being drafted into the military until
    30 years later when I befriended a former Army recruiter. It was my
    allergies, I had told the military doctor about my allergies causing
    me breathing problems. All of these guys were shooting off a toe,
    claiming to be queer or running off to Canada to avoid the draft
    when all they had to do was tell the doctor they had allergies. I was
    trying to join up! My recruiter friend told me that turning down a
    potential recruit for allergies was one of the biggest secrets of the
    war. That's been my luck, I find it by accident.

  20. 10 years later, I tried to join again. I went to through the testing,
    they wanted me so I went for the medical exam where I was told to bend
    over. Well, the doctor looked up my backside and told me I was in
    perfect health but I was too nearsighted. I was deemed permanently
    disqualified. Hell, I tried, which is more than most damn hippie freaks

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