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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by john hamilton, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. The Concorde was not successful.
    Being a working supersonic transport IS NOT a measure of success? Profit is
    the only valid measure of success?
  2. Come to think of it a lot of USoA technology was
    Where do you get this "information"?

    light bulbs: The British love to point out that Swann had an incandescent
    lamp before Edison. True. But it used an expensive platinum filament. Edison
    came up with a cheap carbon filament -- and the electrical generation and
    distribution system to back it up. (And let's not forget that the AC system
    in use today was designed by a naturalized American citizen.)

    telephones: The telephone is unquestionably an American invention.

    computers: Although work was done in a number of countries (eg, Konrad Zuse
    in Switzerland), the first large-scale electrical and electronic computers
    were built in the US.

    WWW: The Internet -- which the WWW is built over -- is an American

    space flight: If you mean simply getting a rocket above the atmosphere, it
    was likely first done by 'murcans. (I don't think the Germans got high
  3. Many wartime planes went supersonic in a dive. Few survived to tell of
    it though.

    The plane that finally did it in peace time was the Miles M52, well it
    WOULD have been the Miles, except the total plans for it were handed to
    the USA and UK government funding withdrawn from the Miles company. It
    appeared virtually unchanged as the Bell X-1 , with American stickers
    all over it. But it was in essence the Miles plane. A smaller unmanned
    version of which had reached Mach 1.38 in about 1946/7.

    The key thing that allowed the X-1 to maintain control in transonic
    flight was the Miles' all moving tailplane. This got around the control
    reversal that plagued transonic aircraft fitted with conventional elevators.

    The USA was about 5 years behind everyone else in jet engines and high
    speed flight, till they lifted what they could from the UK and Germany
    to make up for the ideas and research they didn't have. Of course
    staying out of the war as long as possible, lending money to the winning
    side, finally joining it, and not actually ever getting bombed proved
    excellent business, and they were then the only country in the world
    with enough money left to spend on waving a supersonic dick around.
  4. Look at all the stuff America crows about.

    The steam engine, Invented here.
    Steel. Invented here.
    Electronic Computers. Invented here.
    Radar, especially the magnetron, invented here.
    The jet engine, invented here and in Germany almost simultaneously.
    The all moving tailplane for supersonic flight, invented here.
    Motherhood, invented in Africa
    Apple Pie, invented here.
    God, invented in the Middle East, Reinvented in Rome..
    Democracy, Invented in Greece (and much good it did them)
    The Mafia, invented in Sicily (and much good it did them)
    Americans are pretty carp at inventing anything: Mostly its a ripoff of
    someone else's idea made successful through selling in vast quantities
    to a gullible nation.

    I think they maty be credited with fast food, and obesity, and the coca
    cola however. And spurious tailfins on cars. And drag racing. But really
    that's about it.

    Oh, the Blues, I guess the black slaves invented that, and jazz,

    Says it all really.

    Really the only significant US contributions of any value to modern life
    have been the semiconductor, the integrated circuit, and the high level
    programming language, courtesy of COBOL.

    Though even there high level languages go back a bit further. To Europe.

    What the USA is superb at is business. Taking something from someone
    else, and pretending they thought of it first, and selling it in vast
    quantities backed by a flood of syrupy marketing that pretends its is

    They are without doubt, the greatest LIARS the world has ever known.
  5. It is, in America.
  6. Guest

    Chuck Yeager, Bell X-1, Muroc Dry Lake, Mojave desert, California,
    USA, October 14, 1947
    The first successfull manned supersonic flight in history.
  7. =============================================================================

    Many thanks to all. The push on brass connectors are a welcome solution,
    many thanks. I can easily buy those at Maplins.

    To throw a little light on this unnecessary rudeness to our American
    cousins. The expression Amearkin came up because in the U.S. they could say
    American so quickly it sounded like Amearkin. So across the pond they became
    Amearkins...quite harmless.

    However some low lifes changed this to Merkins. A few hundred years ago in
    order to deal with body lice, ladies would shave their lower private parts.
    Since this was deamed un-attractive, they could buy small triangular wigs
    which were guessed it Merkins. Please dont let the low-lifes
    get you down, we have as many here as you have there. And they just love the
  8. Guest

    Many years ago in a previous life, radio host Don Imus brought me his
    Triumph Motorcycle to look at because the headlight as in fact,
    leaking oil!

    Long story short: Bad oil pressure sending unit had it's wire lead
    encased in a plastic spaghetti tube that ran up along the frame to the
    headlight housing. Oil was running up through the spaghetti tubing and
    collecting in the headlight housing. When he parked, it would drip
  9. Now if that had been an American Hog, it would have been a cunning
    feature to prevent the headlight corroding.

    You guys cant even get a sub zero O-ring to work.

    And no one in their right minds not doing pork barrel politics would
    glue a rocket together with an O ring anyway.

    An engineer, it has been said, is someone who can do for sixpence what
    any damned fool can do for a quid.

    Or any American company for $10,000 of course.
  10. However the Russians did have significantly more advanced
    Where do you get this?

    The Saturn was unusual, possibly unique, in that it was (apparently) the
    only rocket that never failed.
  11. >

    > Guest

    I cant understand you peeps on the west side of the pond bragging about
    being technically superior to Europeans.
    Since the US was originally colonized by a mix of either Spanish, French,
    Portuguese, Dutch or English, your all of European descent anyway.

    You've just developed funny ways and attitudes since!
  12. Guest

    He was very well lubricated, himself, back when I knew him.
  13. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    Are you saying what I think you're saying?

    Errr never mind TMI.
  14. Guest

    No. The Edsel was a working automobile, but it was hardly a success.
    For products designed for the market, yes.
  15. Guest

    No, it didn't. It didn't have the range originally intended. I believe it
    was supposed to super-cruise, too, and it didn't.
    ....and the SST was cancelled when the goal was moved. The Concorde was
    continued for ego reasons.
    It was too expensive when it was DESIGNED.
    In your dreams.
    More bullshit.
  16. Guest

    First supersonic airplane in level flight. Several broke the sound barrier,
    in dives, before the X-1.
  17. Guest

    You really do need a remedial reading course. ...or a brain.
  18. Guest

    Sans taxes, fuel is almost the same price now as it was in the '60s. Look it
    up, instead of looking like the dumbass you are.
  19. Guest

  20. Guest

    Yes, all the smart ones left.
    Wrong, the attitude came first. There was a reason people left that hell
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