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Best solder free electrical connection

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by john hamilton, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Only once, actually. The first time he got appointed by our Supreme
    Court but yeah, I'll give you the second.
    Well, to not do so is rather like visiting Paris for the first time and
    not bothering to see the Eiffel Tower. It's a tourist code of duty or
    something like that.
  2. It's almost as bad as alt.2600. FLNF

  3. But it's so entertaining...... :cool:

  4. Any references to Yank suppliers were for examples ONLY.
    Sometimes a picture can help one communicate with those
    who speak another language. :cool:

  5. geoff

    geoff Guest

    Septics.for example

    ha ha
  6. Slimy Limeys. :cool:

  7. Robert Green

    Robert Green Guest


    Since you've clearly eliminated solder from contention, I would suggest:

    "An all-purpose, electrically conductive glue ideal for bonding all kinds of
    low-voltage connections. Makes a permanent bond without heat. Lead-free. 0.3
    fl.oz. jar."

    While it's really more of a conductive paint than a glue, it's been useful
    to "replate" switch contacts on IR remote control units and to attach small,
    fine wires like those required by glass solar panels where soldering may
    cause serious damage if not done expertly. They also sell all sorts of
    battery holders and soldering tools.

    You might be able to gain strength by building up the material in layers and
    then covering it with hot melt glue to add physical strength. Even will all
    that I would solder but use a small alligator clip to "wick" the iron's heat
    away from the plastic. Buy a new iron and some spare tips and practive a
    little. I was amazed to learn how much a good tip is worth when soldering.
  8. geoff

    geoff Guest

    Ah - the whinings of the colonial underclass
  9. Don't worry cousin, the next time you're attacked, we'll still come to
    your rescue. :cool:

  10. geoff

    geoff Guest

    I should bloody well hope so - the number of times we've had to be there
    to help you out of late

    .... despite more of our troops getting killed by septic friendly fire in
    the first Iraqi fracas

    Which brings me round to thinking ...

    Have you actually won anything since you came to help us out (at great
    expense to us) in WW2 ?

    err ... Vietnam ? ... No

    Chad ? ... No

    and whose defence network was hacked by a 14 year old kid

    anyway, bye for a while - off to sunny germany
  11. Dave

    Dave Guest

    So how come Britain made a better nuclear bomb than the New World? And
    the New World wanted as much detail of our superior technology as they
    could get?

  12. Bob Eager

    Bob Eager Guest

    The promblem is that the Septics believe their own war films...for
    example, 'U-571'.
  13. A giant US engineering company, TRW, put its best brains to work to develop
    a successful electric power steering system. They spent a long time and many
    millions of dollars. In the end they had to go out and buy the technology
    from a little British outfit. Guess who that was? It's now the world most
    successful electric power steering system.

    Now who the hell was it....

    Oh, yes. Lucas.
  14. That's odd, I know it's a work of fiction and not a documentary.
    Even as a small child, I knew that Superman was not a real person.
    Perhaps some people believe everything they read or see in movies
    and TV shows. I have found that many Europeans get their stereotypical
    opinion of the Southeast U.S. from the media and when they visit,
    are surprised that there is no constant banjo music and a Negro
    hanging from every other tree.

  15. The US military also purchased the rights to build the Harrier Jump Jet.
    I think there has been a lot of technology going in both directions. So
    be fair about it, The UK is a great place.

  16. I thought Lucusitis was a disease cause by the use of Lucas products?
    Is there not an evil fellow named Lucaser, Prince of Darkness? :cool:

  17. >

    > Guest

    Indeed, no constant banjo music or Negro's hanging from trees.

    Just lots of extremely large people and restaurants that all think you
    haven't eaten for months.
    I guess the trees couldn't withstand the weight, so the Negro's just
    dropped to the ground.
  18. Guest

    No "superior technology" has come out of GB since about 1950. - and
    that may be stretchng it. There have been a few "good ideas" since
  19. Well, there is a lot of press about obesity in the South. There are
    lots of big old boys but they can usually pick up a car engine without
    breaking a sweat.

  20. >

    > Guest

    I might be wrong but I thought Concorde started flying after 1950.
    Though then again the Septics didn't like the noise, or was it a classic
    case of "Not Invented Here" syndrome?
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