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Best price for small run of double-sided PCBs?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Dave Marsh, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. Dave Marsh

    Dave Marsh Guest

    I want to get 100 double-sided PTH boards made. They are very
    straightforward, eurocard size (100x160mm), 200 holes, some standard surface
    mounts, silkscreen one side, no special requirements except a couple of
    small slots. Delivery, anything up to 4 weeks is ok. comes out at a bit over $6 each. Is this a good price?
    What do people think of their quality?

    This place is potentially promising too (it's in the UK as I am, but will
    deal with anywhere):
    Their price is 4.35UKP ($7.80) - cheapest in the UK I've found so far but
    don't know what they are like.

    I'd like to know when I've found a reasonable price without sacrificing
    quality. What do others here pay for your PCBs and any places you'd
    recommend for short runs?

    Many thanks,

  2. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    I'm about to send a board to Olimex in Bulgaria (
    I've read some good stories about them in this NG.
  3. Leon Heller

    Leon Heller Guest

    Watch the hole clearances, you need to allow for plating.

    Olimex is fine for prototypes, but their boards aren't top quality.

  4. I have used Olimex quite a few times, for prototypes, a excellent
    However I did find that the copper on the prototype PCB's did lift
    easily from the prototype boards when rewoking, compared to large run
    manufactures, but never followed it up with Olimex


    Yesterday it worked.
    Today it is not working.
    Windows is like that.
  5. Guest

    We've used Olimex in the past, and I agree that they are terrific value for
    prototyping. Unfortunately we've had some problems with a few boards, mainly
    faulty vias, that's cost us quite a bit of time. So we are now looking for
    someone else that can do small production runs at a decent price. Any
    suggestions for other suppliers gratefully received, thanks!

  6. paul

    paul Guest

  7. Leon Heller

    Leon Heller Guest

    PCB Pool is more expensive, but their boards are very high quality:

  8. soundman

    soundman Guest

    I use PD technologies in Sussex.

    They have given a consistently good service and they don't charge silly

    The last one I did with thme was about 1/2 eurocard size, about 100 holes
    and worked out about £1.60 per card for 100 off plus about £30 (I think) for
    artworks etc. I would guess they will be a bit less than £4.35

    My contact there is Andy Hulin, tel No 01903 202205

  9. Guest

  10. Guest

    Many thanks for the info, Peter. That does sound very good. I notice on
    their website
    that they do assembly too. That could be handy.

    Dave Marsh
  11. Guest

  12. I use Advanced Circuits in Colorado ( for all my proto
    boards. They are reasonably priced and do a superb job. They also have
    a bare-bones service which they advertise on a separate web site
    ( It's dirt cheap ($25 + $0.50/square inch +
    shipping, with 24 hour turnaround), but you get no soldermask or
    legend. I've used both services and have been delighted.

    Thomas Philips
  13. Guest

    Thanks Thomas. I've read good things about them before on usenet but for
    some reason always assumed they were a little pricey for anything above
    prototype quantities. However, trying out their online quote system, a run
    of 100 is good value (for 2 weeks delivery and longer).

  14. I'm about to send a board to Olimex in Bulgaria (
    Olimex is very cheap for proto's (1 or 2 exx), I use them often, but
    for 100 as the OP asked they might not be the best choice.

    Wouter van Ooijen

    -- ------------------------------------
    PICmicro chips, programmers, consulting
  15. Forget UK.

    Try e.g. Myro PCB <>.

    Should come out at around $3 each plus $60 tooling + £35 shipping.
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