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Best Lubricant for Worm Drive CD Players?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by KenO, Aug 28, 2012.

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  1. KenO

    KenO Guest

    My portable CD player gave a No Disc Error so searched the forum and found!

    Seems this error message is quite common with Worm Drive CD Players and is due to sticking. Problem goes away when clean and relube the worm and laser slides.

    Next did forum search as to the best lube to use for these CD players but only got more confused because of the range of products recommended.!

    Since these recommendations were posted ~ 12 years ago am wondering what Lube recommendations have worked the best? Would like to use something that will last for at least 10 years.

    Am interested in any comments or suggestions.


  2. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    due to sticking. Problem goes away when clean and relube the worm and laser
    only got more confused because of the range of products recommended.
    Lube recommendations have worked the best? Would like to use something that
    will last for at least 10 years.
    What would be the result if no lube?

    Whenever I renovate a pot that has "failed" in an amp due to compacting
    grease levitating the modern flimsey wiper , I clean out and reassemble.
    None of those amps have come bouncing back ,
  3. Sofa Slug

    Sofa Slug Guest

    All good suggestions. Moly grease is probably a good choice:
  4. Guest

    The slides of the reel drive motors in Sony broadcast VTRs have a similar issue. We tried paste wax which worked quite well. Remove the rail, clean thoroughly and apply the paste wax. After it dries buff it up and reinstall. Being dry already means it won't gum up and any dust falling on it won't stick. For oil I use Nye Oil II synthetic which won't gum up either.

  5. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

  6. KenO

    KenO Guest

    Hi Arfa,

    "I have used a light synthetic machine oil..."

    Thanks for the tip!

    Do you have any suggestions how to get the lube to the worm gear and sled areas without taking everything apart?

    Also any tips for cleaning the lens?

    After posting decided to check Sam's "Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Compact Disc Players and CDROM Drives" and found "The following should be performed as general preventive maintenance or when erratic behavior is detected. The lens and itssuspension, turning mirror, drawer mechanism, spindle, and sled drive should be checked, and cleaned and/or lubricated if necessary and appropriate....portable CD players with pop-up doors. These types can collect a lot of dust, dirt...Cleaning the objective lens and turning mirror (if accessible) are the most important general maintenance that can be done. Even minor contamination of their optical surfaces can easily result in 50 percent reduction in the returned signal - and all sorts of problems."

    Appreciate any tips concerning Cleaning Portable BoomBox CD Players. you may want to post at Tips Cleaning Portable BoomBox CD Players?!topic/

    Thanks again for your help!!!

  7. KenO

    KenO Guest


    Thanks for the detailed explanation!

    "lubing worm drives, I usually find it necessary to actually strip the
    drive off the deck, and clean all of the old grease off, before reassembling
    and relubing."

    1. What do you use to remove the old grease?

    2. Basic Information how to strip the worm drive off the deck? Have never taken any CD player apart. Have searched the Internet for the parts/repairmanual for my portable CD Player but have not found it. Hope that the mechanics of these worm drive CD players are similar or same. To date the only images I have found are for an automotive worm drive CD player (Tweaking the Chrysler Infinity IV CD Player to Read Recordable CD-R Discs ). Just found a worm drive image for a Sony Discman "Squintasaurus: cybernetic dynamically adjustable vision enhancement system"

    Thanks again for all your help!!!

  8. KenO

    KenO Guest


    Thanks again for the tips.

    " There are two main varieties. The three gear plus rack type, and the worm drive type."

    Which of the 2 is the easiest to get to the gears that need cleaning and relubing?

    Are there parts type illustrations of the rack type, and the worm drive type on the Internet?

    Checked Google Images using keywords worm drive type CD players no "" got nothing wanted and when used "" got Your search - "worm drive type CD players" - did not match any image results.

    Thanks again for your help

  9. KenO

    KenO Guest

    Thanks again for your detailed explanations!

    "Some worm drive ones have all of the moving parts above the deck, and are easy. Some have it all under the deck and are not."

    Is it possible to tell if all the moving parts are above the deck or below before taking everything apart?

  10. KenO

    KenO Guest


    Forgot to ask, in addition to difficult to access CD player mechanics are there some that are so poorly designed and made that it is not worth even taking them apart to clean and relube?

  11. KenO

    KenO Guest

    Have received a nonworking Sony model ICF-CD810 CD Clock Radio
    ( )to try to repair before advancing to anything more valuable.

    Did some searching to find out if there were problems with the CD player but found nothing so far.

    Did find this "SONY ICF-CD810 Reviews Its users give the SONY ICF-CD810 a very good score for its user-friendliness.They find it very reliable., Moreover, most of them share the same opinion If you have a problem, or need help, the Diplofix forum can help you choose between the SONY ICF-CD810 and another product. According to its users, it is very efficient., They nearly all agree on this point. On average they find that it is very good value for money"

    Does anyone have any tips concerning the ICF-CD810 CD player or something similar?

  12. KenO

    KenO Guest

    "As to how to proceed on your Sony, you need to figure first what exactly is
    happening (or not). Does it play at all ?" No It has some broken plastic parts, including the top loading hinge so the protection switch may not be operating.

    Would like to find the service manual with illustrated parts list but have not yet.

    Thought would be the easiest to disassemble without any instructions.

    Thanks again for all your help!!!

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