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Best high efficiency furnace?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Alan Greenspan, Nov 12, 2005.

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  1. We're shopping for a new high efficiency gas furnace and would appreciate
    any input on brands, quality, installation etc.

    Post here or email: vancoovur at canada dot com

    Thanks in advance!
  2. m Ransley

    m Ransley Guest

    Best as in reliability, Consumer Reports did a 5 yr poll and American
    Standard was top, Goodman bottom, read it, goodman- janitrol are the
    cheapest junk. You can go from 93-97%efficiency, 97% on a new model with
    oil tank in the coil, I forgot the name of the brand. The installer is
    key to a good job, you need a written load calc for sizing, or get a pro
    tht does them normaly. Look into VS DC, zonable, uses 25-50% less Kwh to
    run the blower and will remove 50% more humidity in summer on AC mode in
    slow fan operation. I believe American Standard is 95% efficient with a
    stainless exchanger, most are steel. Get the 10 yr warranty especialy
    with VS DC. Carrier has a unique thermostat where you can adjust fan
    speed off the thermostat. For long life its a good instaler being key,
    being sure ducts give proper flow and heat at the exchanger is low
    within limits. I have a Lennox 93 but like Carrier-Bryants options and
    Anerican Standards Stainless exchanger and 95% rating, Carrier and
    Lennox are apx 94%. The Carrier infinity line boasts up to 96.7%
    efficiency but it is their smallest 38000 btu model, a scam as all they
    did is add 20 lb more metal in the coil, actualy the 38000 is 20 lb apx
    heavier then the next higher model, proving my point. VS DC are GE
    motors now improved to fix faults but do save winter and summer on the
    blower Kwh used, my payback on VS DC at Indiana rates is 5 years, rates
    are going up so payback will be less. One other thing the efficiency
    difference beween a 80 and 97 % is 21% + not 17% as most think. It is
    the % difference between the 2. You are Michigan, what zone, im Zone 5
    south of you, get an efficient unit NG and Kwh is going up up. 10 yr
    warrantys are good with all the electronics and a VS DC motor. Also Be
    sure power is good, panel and furnace surge arrestors, are good
    insurance. For highest efficiency dont oversize, get a load calc and
    plan future insulation , windows into its size. Ive done all I can, last
    YEARS NG bill on a 110 year 1800 sq ft house with gas everything was
    465.$ down from 2000. Zoning is a nice option to have only VS DC does it
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