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Best heat sink compound?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by DaveC, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. The problem is not with the paste, but with people applying it...
    I had one guy, who was having problems with his machine. Knowing he had just
    upgraded the processor, I asked what he had used for the thermal contact. He
    assured me it was fine, with 'plenty of grease'. Inspection showed that he
    had used perhaps 1/3rd of a tube, on one processor!.
    Applied in a very thin layer, it works well, but the paste is so thin, that
    if there is even a small amount of surplus, it may well migrate to places
    which cause problems.

    Best Wishes
  2. So it actually doesn't make any difference... or at least any
    significant difference.
  3. Yikes! 1/3 of a tube? that's about.... ohhhh... 20 times more than
    nedded... hehehe

    You are correct that it must be applied very sparingly, but the same is
    true of any compound. Even the white goop run all over the place if you
    put 20 times too much on it.... and I wonder what would happen if 20 of
    those thermal pads were used... :)
  4. I ended up washing the entire chip three times in isopropyl alcohol. Artic
    silver, does seem to be slightly 'worse' than normal compounds for
    migration, so the need to be 'sparing' is even more than normal.
    Unfortunately, a lot of the people installing heatsinks on processors, have
    never done anything like this, and follow the 'more is better' school of goo
    Generally it is rare to see more than two thermal pads being tried!. The
    reason is that people don't have spare ones, and end up just applying one
    that came with the processor, and leaving the one that was allready on the
    heatsink in place. Leaving the plastic 'tape' over the face of this one is
    also quite common.

    Best Wishes
  5. a 19 mhz difference isn't significant? on a pIII 1ghz cpu, that
    translates into a 142.5 mhz gain...

    that's over 10%, so it looks really significant to me.
  6. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    seal the entire case up with silicone rubber RTV, and fill it with
    chilled Fluorinert, a DuPont brand perfluorocarbon dielectric fluid.

    You can go down to around 20 F below zero with that setup, and never
    get condensation because all air, and water is displaced.

    You could likely push your FSB up to around 3 to 5 hundred MHz with
    it. Easily.

    Cost: Around $480 a gallon. Must pressure seal the case as well,
    or it will eventually evaporate. Need a couple gallons for a full
    tower. Also needed2 would be the chiller equipment, and the pump
  7. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    Being a non-conductor, it is very unlikely that it could find
    anywhere to migrate to that would cause an electrical "problem".

    You may well be talking shit on that "point".

    Now, that silver crap is conductive.

    There are specific applications for each. The grease/cream is 100%
    non-conductive. and requires an all but zero gap.

    The silver filled media is also a direct mate interface material,
    but can still pass heat well in tests where small gaps were
    introduced, or the two surfaces were not coplanar.
  8. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    18 Mhz on the FSB does make for a gain, but it could very well have
    been differences in mating efficiency that accounts for much of it.
  9. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    Try it, and get back to us.
  10. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest


    Not for anybody with a brain. Anyone that has been found to do this
    should be stripped of their privileges to use a computer, and their
    drivers license as well.

    If they're *that* stupid, they shouldn't be inside a PC's case, or
    behind the wheel of a car.

  11. OEM installations are probably done under greater stress and are
    therefore going to consist of shoddy skills. I pulled my old computer
    apart in search of salvageable surface mount components and board
    hardware and the heatsink grease from the processor must have been
    applied with a mop as there was a streak of that leaked several inches
    from the cpu where it had been applied in a giant glob. Too much is
    just as bad as not enough.......I dont think you will see a noticebale
    difference between brands when applied in a like manner.
  12. Wow, I bet your editor just screams! ;-)

    Hey, lets be honest. It is *fun* to do, but it doesn't make
    a significant difference (other than in how fast your heart
    beats as you test it again).

    A 50% speed increase is almost significant. A 100% increase is
    worth at least a little effort, but not much. Speed increases
    are only worth spending money on if you get something more than
    a 2x increase.

    A 10% increase is not noticable to users, and requires
    sophisticated equipment to even verify.

    But most of all, every 18 months there is another cpu available
    at twice the speed...
  13. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    snipped previous

    What are the bench numbers though?

    Or better yet... how many seti units per day can it do?

    I have one here that does 17 a day, WHILE I still use the machine or
    whatever I wish. Dual CPU.

    Seti performance is largely regarded as a very good perf bench, as
    there are 4.8 million users, and many of those quite prestigious
    firms. The per unit time is a very good indicator of you machine,
    regardless of what a math bench or other aggregate bench "tells" you.

    I have nearly 14k units done, placing me in the 99.81 percentile.
    That puts 91,430 people or groups in front of me.

    Still, not bad out of 477780001 users, most of which have only done
    one unit and quit... wussies. My seti operations have never slowed my
    machine. I do turn it off when I burn discs at fast rates to minimize
    the chance of a failed burn.

    Anyway... good bench to try and report on.
  14. Yes, and the cost per Mhz gain would be much higher than the cost per
    Mhz gain for a tube of arctic silver :)
  15. I will agree 100% with that! but unfortunently, there are people out
    there that do those things...
  16. You are correct... there is not nearly as noticable gain from
    overclocking a system as there was just a few years ago. It is still
    fun to try and tweak a few mhz out of it....
  17. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    So what? Cost was never the question when OCing was mentioned.

    It isn't much different than those machine wars.

    My screamin' box would outperform all. That holds value with most
  18. No. Be gentle. Just make it a capital offence... :)
    Yes. Levels of incompetence, are things that have to be seen to be believed
    at times...

    Best Wishes
  19. Since it was the _silver_ paste that I was talking about, if you actually
    read the post, I think you are the one talking c*&%...
    The grease/cream, is not '100% non-conductive'. There is no such thing. It
    is a fairly good insulator, but not perfect...
    Best Wishes
  20. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    Now you are just being a fucking retard.

    Ever heard the expression for all intents and purposes?

    We use the same grease to grease down the ten inch stinger that goes
    into a 50kV HV connector. The shit is non-conductive, you retarded
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