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Best hardware for project?

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by baykey, Feb 11, 2016.

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  1. baykey


    Feb 11, 2016

    Im working on a project where I have to monitor and give access to machinery
    It's for an open workshop kind of environment, and I have to control metal- and woodworking machinery.

    The idea is to have a client use an RFID chip to request access to the machine.
    The Embedded System then checks on a server if the user is allowed to access the machine. (The user needs to have a certification to use certain machines, and he has to have enough money on his account to access the machine)
    Then the ES uses a relay switch to give the user access to the machine, and using a current sensor the ES monitors the time the user spends on the machine. (And the ES reports the time used back to the server)
    There would also be a temp sensor to measure motor temperature, but that's a useful extra (monitoring overloads)

    On larger machines there is 1 ES per machine
    on smaller machines there is 1 ES for multiple (+-4) machines

    So in short:
    Embedded system with RFID, +-4relays switches,+-4 current sensors, 1 temp sensor, status LED, 3 buttons
    communication via WiFi or ethernet

    Now the question: what is a good environment to do this with?
    In the past I've experimented with raspberry Pi, arduino, and recently I've started playing around with ARM cortex TM4C123G.

    raspberry Pi:
    + easily programmable
    + load of connections possible
    + Ethernet onboard
    - can't handle power cuts (need a UPS battery or file system start losing it)

    + easily programmable
    +- limited connection possibility (fewer ports then rPi certainly when you sacrifice 1 for Ethernet)
    + can handle power cuts

    - programming is in C or ASM
    - you need to design a whole board (with rPi and arduino you just add shields

    My feeling is that the TM4C123G is the best solution overall, but personally I'm just not good enough with that system: My C isn't up to par, and board design is non existing.. And I only need 15 systems, so is it worth doing board design instead of using rPi/arduino + shields..

    What are your opinions? Or are there any other platforms out there that fit my needs better?
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