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best batteries for portable

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Roy Szweda, Oct 18, 2004.

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  1. Roy Szweda

    Roy Szweda Guest

    Please could someone tell me whether it is better to run a portable
    music player like MiniDisc or CD Walkman with rechargeable batteries
    or non-rechargeables?

    I get the feeling that these gadgets are a mite too voltage sensitive
    and don't work for as long with rechargeables.... which fall to a
    voltage insufficient to run the gadget quicker.
  2. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    The voltage curve for modern rechargable cells is quite flat and doesn't
    fall until nearly all the capacity has been used. If their lower voltage was
    a problem you would expect them to either not work at all or cut off very
    quickly (few mins).

    I believe NiCad rechargables are also quite a bit lower capacity than
    Alkaline cells like Duracell.

    Try the newer NiMH cells with a capacity of circa 2300+ mAH. They last
    nearly 4 times as long as older 600mAH NiCad cells.
  3. Roy Szweda

    Roy Szweda Guest

    This is the kind of technical explanation I was hoping for - I have
    been using various Walkmen type gadgets such as a neat MP3/Wav/VCD
    player I got from EBay which has its own batteries which you can
    recharge in situ... when I put other cells in such as alkaline MN1500s
    they don't last as long it seems, nor do the other rechargeables I
    have used OK with other portables etc. So I wondered if the
    electronics in the Walkman was overly sensitive... It is always
    amazing that they can make these things work at all at a measly 3 V!

    That low voltage must be in part a reason why these are so quiet... or
    is that to protect our ears?
    Many thanks
  4. CWatters

    CWatters Guest

    Do you know what technology they are? It usually has it marked on there
    Some data if you are interested..
    Alkaline cells have a higher voltage than most rechargables so if you see
    reduced run time with those it isn't a voltage issue.
    "National Semiconductor has developed a Boomer stereo headphone amplifier
    designed to operate from a one-cell battery".

    I'll leave you to work out how to protect the amplifier from a battery
    inserted backwards. Hint: Can you afford to loose 0.7V by adding a diode :)
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