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Best Audio Clipping Ind Circuit

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Paul kent, Feb 10, 2011.

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  1. Paul kent

    Paul kent Guest

    I am driving a 12W audio amp module from a PC soundcard and would like
    to fit an _adjustable_ clipping indicator.

    Would like to keep the circuit as simple as possible. Not a hi-fi
    application. It's just because the PA speaker is in another room and I
    cannot hear if distortion occurs.

    What are the pro's and cons of the circuits below? Any other

    The next is simple, but not adjustable, and would need to be modified
    for a 12VDC supply.
    (fourth diagram down)

    Thnak you for any advice.

    Paul Kent
  2. Paul kent

    Paul kent Guest

    Nice, but I want a small circuit I can build into a device. Sorry, if
    that wasn't clear.

    Paul Kent
  3. This isn't too bad, but it will vary in sensitivity with the battery
    voltage. A low power regulator driving R2 and R4 will fix that.

    There's a very long list of things wrong with that one.

    Same link.

    Since this isn't hi-fi, feed the speaker output to a 47 Ohm resistor,
    then to a bridged rectifier, then to a string of cheap LEDs. The more
    LEDs in series, the higher the illumination threshold. It will probably
    be around 8 red, 6 green, or 4 blue/white. 12W RMS into 8 Ohms is the
    typical quoted output of a bridged amplifier running on 14.4V.
  4. Paul kent

    Paul kent Guest

  5. Not bad. A 4.7V zener diode may be wrong for a 12W amp. An adjustable
    voltage divider may be better.
  6. Ralph Barone

    Ralph Barone Guest

    I had long forgotten a circuit I did decades ago to do exactly this. I've
    just written it up and added it to 4QD TEC: Speaker powered Peak Program


    Do you get a long enough optical pulse out of the LED to "see" the
    clipping, or should you throw a small capacitor somewhere in the circuit?
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