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Best alarm system for home automation....

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by petem, Feb 25, 2004.

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  1. petem

    petem Guest


    ok i am getting a new house in may....Thanks you..

    Now i would like to setup a pretty good home automation system..

    i dont do residential stuff.. so i am out of the loop for all this...

    (ask me to do an access system with positive identification and it will be
    done in no time....but HA....not...)

    So i want to go with integration of the alarm system, lighting control,
    heating control(its all based board electric heater with thermostats in each

    i want to put a smal access system control on the garage door and the front
    door,want to put some i/r in the front and back of the house (a pool in the
    back of the house will need to be if movement
    detected..but not from a i/r light combo sold everywhere..)

    want to automaticly lower heating at night and put it higher for the morning
    wake up..

    then lower it again when every one is out and the alarm system is armed..

    will have a home theater in the basement so will need to control lighting
    for "mood" and lower the screen for the projector..

    want to have some few well positioned 4 switch control to put the house in
    night mode,or sleeping mode...(all is out exept a few light dimed very low
    or small light come on for moving in the night....

    so what do you have in mind?

    p.s. the access controle system will be a Kantech entrapass special
    edition...that cant be changed..(all ready have the stuff...)
  2. I would like to suggest a few things you might want to consider. Find a
    custom security integrator in your area. check out the company and make sure
    they have all there licenses, bonding, insurance and workman's comp.
    Companies that do this sort of thing are not your usual run of the mill
    security type companies they are specialist and have a much higher level in
    skill and talent. What you are asking for I do for a living. I find that
    Ademco products should be able to handle most of what it is that you are
    looking for in your home automation system. as for mood lighting you are
    going to need a hometheater specialist. the company you choose may be able
    to handle all of that. So find a custom security solutions integrator.
    Thanks Tyler Halbrooks
  3. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    Don't let Petem mislead you...he is a "Master Alarm Wizard" - although I
    have no excuse for him using Kantech in his home. Those baseboard electric
    heaters are going to be a problem though Petem.

    No pun intended
  4. Jakes452

    Jakes452 Guest

    My God ..are you nuts!...... might as well post your credit card number, you
    pin and
    whetever else you want protected if you use someone from this group! If your
    familys saftey is a concern...DO NOT USE THIS GROUP FOR
    ADVISE OR GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION. If you deal with someone from this
    newsgroup you better keep one eye
    open while your sleep at night! this is the worse place to look for info
    for your home security. This group is a hive of activity to get your
    confidence then rip your off. Get "help" from here and next think your
    house is
    cleaned out and inexplicably your alarm didnt work......or worse.....
    Be very very careful using this group.
    Be sure to closely investigate (primarily if you
    buy online) any of the online alarm seller, especially if they claim a ASA
    certification, a totally false and misleading certification (see that
    later). You wouldn't want to buy from someone whose sideline is
    understanding your alarm system for the purpose of exploiting it later
    byknowing your codes or maintenance access numbers. Be wary of those who do
    not have a brick and mortar store.

    When I was shopping and using this newsgroup some online dealers advertised
    a ASA certification with a picture of a ASA emblem shown on their website.
    It gives a good first impression but when you look into it you find out that
    it was nothing more then some....guy.... creating a website to supposedly
    post complaints, with no entries of complaints or follow-through. It was
    analogous to someone flashing a police badge that turns out to be fake. The
    ASA moniker is a badge without any accreditation and surely this is
    misleading and a scam.

    Some of the free advice you get is not because of someone's unselfish need
    to make the world a better place to live. Most are giving you advice on the
    hope of getting a sale or...."other" information. Listen but don't act on
    the advice until you can confirm or gain some trust in the source by
    researching them.

    Sometimes you can learn a lot about sellers by plugging in email address or
    screenname into a Google search of past news postings. You will be
    surprised, THAT SHOCKED....AND I MEAN SHOCKED!!!!..... at what
    you find out about those offering to outfit your alarm. How can our legal
    system let these type of people sell home security!!!!!

    This is a very unregulated online business, and especially risky for
    something as important as YOUR HOME security.

    good luck....and go talk to someone reputible.
  5. petem

    petem Guest

    Tyler..thanks for the input..but i do install/service security system

    i dont do residential stuff a lot...(mostly access control system..

    been out of the residential loop for over 10 years..
    so thats why i asked here...

  6. petem

    petem Guest

    thanks for the input...Again..

    but i do wonder why you say that about kantech stuff..
    i work with those and hirsh,northern computer (yark),position
    technology,Modern (toy),a few more..
    and on the controler side kantech have the strongest one...(kt 200) i never
    almost change controler..
    the latch output can support lot of abuse,there are expension board for
    realy(up to 16 relay by controler) and it has 16 input

    i know that the double end of line system for the zone are mixing lot of
    people but if someone do access system control he should be able to
    understand basic stuff like that...

    one draw back...eeprom are different for different software...
    tech support is so bad i dont call them at all(tri ed is more helpfull then
    tech suppport)
    the software are now stable..(it took them a long time to come up with good
    windows software..)

    and for what i now...not much access control system can do virtual alarm
    system with arming/disarming just by reading the card,and the controle of
    who should arm or not by access level,they do dual custody( 2 card to open
    one door)
    in that price range..

    they do elevetor control up to 64 floor by controler..
    there is 2 type of elevator control one with no feed back of the selected
    floor(cheap) and another one with direct feed back in the software of the
    selected floor..(not cheap but more secure)

    and a few more stuff like guard tour,time & attendance,automatic reporting
    of event to email,or printer

    and with the smartlink it can interface to the world by network or serial
  7. petem

    petem Guest

    you have bad info on chip version stuff..

    i didnt had that kind of answer since a good 7 year...
  8. petem

    petem Guest

    Now thats a first good answer..

    will be looking into this...

    By the way the baseboard heater are controled by individual thermostats that
    are not integreted to the heater but on a wall..

    i know there is some 220v thermostats that can receive x10 command..

    need to replace those old bimetal thermostats by new electronics one...

    i wonder if those new one are working like some thermostats that i saw....
    they had a dimming effect on the heater so that if the demand for heat was
    not a lot lower then the desired degree it would only supply 25% of the
    power to it,giving a more smooth effect at the heating...

    not like a bimetal would do only a full on or full off when the
    target temp would be hit the heater stop working but since it was full on it
    will still heat the place for a few minute,this would bring the temp a few
    degree more then the target,then the temp would start to go down and as we
    all know bimetal are not that sensible so the temp would go down a few
    degree below the target temp...then full on so the target temps would almost
    never be achieved... allways a few degree more or less ( and some really bad
    bimetal thermostats could have a 5 degree windows
    ( the temp could vary of up to 5 degre in its normal operation..)
  9. petem

    petem Guest

    Besides, you probably stole it from your boss .............

    thats not true....

    the kt300 was removed form a client (client went bankrup and the stuff was
    and all the other parts of the system came from the same client...(my
    company dont put back used stuff on the shelf if its more then 2 years old)
    so i got the reader/latch/control panel there....

    the software was bought by the company for a project , the project turned to
    be larger then the initial quote and we needed a lrger software..

    the customer paid for the software but cause i helped him save about 5000 $
    on the elevator control job he gave it to me, the elevator company was
    reaping him,and i presented him with a friend of mine and he did the job for
    a lot less and faster....(the other company could not do it before at least
    2 month....)

    Anything else?

    oups...the battery ,,i got one from my company and still have the receipt
    ...want it?

    Only people like you steal from there boss..
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