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Bending boxes

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Frank, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Nice, clean bends in 0.063 aluminum, homemade hardwood bender. Anything work better than 6061-T6?
  2. I always got some corner cracking when I bent up 6061. I think the 'pure' 1100 works well... going to Mcmaster-Carr catalog they also list 5052 as excellent
    and 3003,5005, 5086, 5205 as Good.

    George H.
  3. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Eased radius?
  4. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Synthesizer modules. Just the long edges need to be bent,
    no corners to drill.
  5. Carl Ijames

    Carl Ijames Guest

    The minimum bend radius of 6061-T6 is 3-4 times the material thickness. The
    other readily available alloy that's much better for bending is 5052,
    usually H32 or half hard. Minimum bend radius is just over the material
    thickness, about 3/4 the strength of 6061T6, as weldable, and both take
    anodizing well. Biggest difference is 6061 can be heat treated for more
    strength (T0 is annealed, T6 is the common heat treated material) while 5052
    is annealed with heat but can only be strengthened by work hardening. I buy
    from McMaster Carr all the time at work for items they make sense for, but
    if you need more than a few square feet you need to find a local metal
    supplier since you can easily halve the McMC price and any good supplier
    will shear a large 4x8 or 5x10' sheet into whatever pieces you need for very
    little extra cost. (I say readily available because while McMC lists
    several alloys in their catalog, if you go to a local metal supplier almost
    anything but 6061 and 5052 in sheet is going to be a special order with a
    big minimum so in practice you just ignore everything else :).) Where are
    you? If you are near Baltimore I can recommend some suppliers.

    Carl Ijames
    "Frank" wrote in message

    Nice, clean bends in 0.063 aluminum, homemade hardwood bender. Anything
    work better than 6061-T6?
  6. No, just what ever metal break was in the machine shop.

    George H.
  7. Grin, I'm not claiming it makes the best boxes, but it's easy to put a bendin it.
    George H.
  8. Bendability, ductility?? whatever they call it. Don't you have a McMaster catalog?

    George H.
  9. Frank

    Frank Guest

  10. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Sounds useful for mounting piezo pickups.
  11. Carl Ijames

    Carl Ijames Guest

    "Frank" wrote in message


    Now that's funny :). We mostly buy sheet aluminum (and steel) from High
    Steel in Lancaster, PA, plus BMG south of Baltimore on Rt 1, and
    Pennsylvania Steel in York, PA. Of course, we usually buy enough at a time
    to get free delivery. You will have to call around and shop for price and
    convenience. It all depends on how much you can buy at one shot.
  12. Frank

    Frank Guest

    Or use 21 gauge instead of 16. Or design around the large radius
    instead of driving yourself nuts trying to force it.
  13. John S

    John S Guest

    I'll bet Uri Geller could do it better. He should start a company doing
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