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Bench lighting ideas.

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jason D., Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Jason D.

    Jason D. Guest

    Hi all,

    Everybody likes good lighting I'm sure except I have few needs.
    Replacing the old fixtures.

    Have to be electronic ballasts. I get tired from 60hz exposure and
    sore, dry eye. Good CRI at least 80+. Color temp between 3500K - 4100K
    but I could use "Sylvania's sunshine" (Phlips C50) which is about
    5000K and would like to know your experiences with these.

    But the store I visited was told about law in ontario canada says can
    only get 32W maximum for F40 length (4 foot) and higher for F96 (8
    foot) but I think this is bull?

    I rather take 40W fluorescents since the type of bulbs I'm looking for
    has the specs I want.

    My current set up as now over my bench is 10 feet ceiling with old 2 x
    4 foot fixtures, each fixture has 2 bulbs. Next to it is one twin
    bulb F96 (8 foot).

    For close work, ideas on using incendscents lights to light specific

    Cheers, Wizard
  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Actually 40W tubes are legal at the moment, but only in the premium
    phosphors, not the old halophosphate stuff (CW, WW, etc) though far less
    efficient incandescent stuff has regulations at all thanks to the usual
    beaurocratic nonsense that makes up our largely useless energy laws. The
    thing is, few "40W" ballasts run the lamps at anywhere near full power, so a
    pair of 32W T8's on an electronic ballast are actually considerably brighter
    than a pair of 40W T12's, plus you get no flicker. You can even get ballasts
    that overdrive the lamps if you need more light, but it's easier to just use
    more lamps and cheap T8 ballasts you can get at a hardware store to run up
    to 4 lamps each. Personally I like F32T8/850's, 86 CRI 5000K, nice bright
    clean white light.
  3. Andy Cuffe

    Andy Cuffe Guest

    I never did understand this law. Won't people just end up using more
    bulbs to make up for their lower light output?
    Andy Cuffe

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  4. Modern tri-phosphor tubes produce less flicker anyway. But go for
    electronic ballasts.
  5. 'Tis what happens when folks that believe in "Intelligent Design" help
    make laws. See also: Low flush toilets that require 2-3-4 cycles to
    clear all "solids".

  6. Knee jerk reactions by politicians to 'public outcry'. Or more likely the
    sensationalist press. "Something *must* be done" And trade organisations
    looking after their member's interests or trying to increase their
    subscription income by making it compulsory. Leading to poorly thought out

    In the UK, it's now just about illegal to add an extra socket to an
    existing domestic installation. Despite this being well within the
    capability of a decent DIYer, since the UK ring main power circuits don't
    restrict the total number of outlets. And there being little evidence of
    such DIY work being dangerous. What has been shown to be dangerous is the
    use of overloaded extension leads etc - fire risk, and also the chance of
    tripping over them. And perfectly competent jobbing electricians who would
    do such work for a reasonable price are being pushed out of the market by
    the high cost of registration etc.
  7. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Yes but since when has logic and common sense played any part in making
    laws? Some "expert" probably said hey look if we require the common lamps to
    be lower wattage we'll save X amount of energy overall.

    The lamp makers had a part in the legislation too, by making the requirment
    apply only to the standard phosphors, they could push their more expensive
    premium phosphor lamps more effectively since they look that much better
    next to the dim flickering energy savers.
  8. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Yeah that would piss me off too, though on the other hand you should see
    some of the wiring the previous owner did in my house, it's amazing the
    place never burned down! If only they'd focus more on educating people
    rather than making more laws.
  9. There was a piece on "CarTalk" ( ) this last
    weekend. The discussion went somewhat:

    Remember the focus on the wasting of water and an impending clean water
    shortage that rose up a decade or two back? Remember the government's
    edict to put a brick in each toilet to save water?

    (Aside: Remember, too, the more recent duct-tape and plastic edict?)

    Well, since we now have a gasoline shortage, why doesn't everybody put a
    brick in their vehicle's fuel tank to save fuel?

    I fear one or more elected suits was also listening to the same radio show...

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