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BEKO TV remotes?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Straitjacket Fits, Jul 13, 2003.

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  1. My folks got a 68cm BEKO stereo/teletext TV for a very reasonable price as
    it had been dropped and replaced under insurance. Quite a nice picture too
    now it's been properly repaired (and by a qualified repairer too - just
    thought I'd add that to get in everyone's good books.....).

    One big problem though - no remote. I tried a few codes I'd found on the
    One For All site for their spare remote, but no dice. For the moment
    they're using a remote from their other TV (a Samsung) with hilarious
    unpredictable results (bloody annoying spending any amount of time with them
    at their place, especially when Dad decides to switch channels and german
    subtitles pop up instead.....). I've searched the net extensively and
    visited BEKO's east european site (which is in mostly east european,
    helpfully), and phoned JB Hifi who no longer stock this brand, so I've hit a
    bit of a brick wall looking for a replacement remote for this set. BEKO
    just isn't a real entity on the internet. Does anyone reading the forum
    have a BEKO remote lying around they could sell me? I could try another
    universal remote but as we don't have a user guide either it'd probably be
    random luck getting to know this set's features! Please, my folks are
    annoying enough as it is.....


  2. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    FWIW, Beko is a Turkish brand. Their website states that Beko
    Elektronik is a Koç Holding company. ;-)

    Elsewhere on their website:

    "Founded in 1966, Beko Elektronik, A.S. is one of Europe's fourth
    largest television manufacturers [sic] and provides quality products
    under its own name as well as to major, well-known Other End
    Manufacturers (OEM) to over 60 countries."

    - Franc Zabkar
  3. Pyrrhic

    Pyrrhic Guest

    By the way, where's the nearest Warehouse to Camberwell?


  4. Pyrrhic

    Pyrrhic Guest

    Forget it, there's one in Ringwood, I've just checked.
  5. Pyrrhic

    Pyrrhic Guest

    Many thanks for the info Max.


  6. I forgot to say they are in victoria.

  7. Ray

    Ray Guest


    I have a BEKO TV, and have found that it uses RC5 encoding, using TV1 as
    it's ID field. Should be fairly common code I would have thought....

    Though one may need to be a bit more creative to access things like
    teletext etc if available. The numbers, volume and channel change
    features should all work fairly easily though with RC5 TV1 encoding
    which I would have thought these "All-in-one" universal remote devices
    would definately support.


  8. John West

    John West Guest

    the remote could of been salvageable if it was pulled apart and cleaned and
    dried. Mobile phones always get dropped in water, you'd never guess how many
    end up in a toilet bowl, phone starts ringing when having a piss, slips out
    of your hand and falls in, and they are most of the time salvageable.

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