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BEKO 12.7 Line transformer??

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by b, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. b

    b Guest

    Got this 21" set with chassis BEKO 12.7 . came in with duff line
    transformer (LOPTX) - charred and emitted smoke when powered up.
    reference number on its side: TLF158E-06C 3817 A

    checked the HR diemen ref and the 3817 corresponds to HR7503.

    Got it, fitted it, but the set didn't start up from standby. B+ gets to
    the LOPTX but nothing at the HOT collector- something going amiss
    somewhere. have checked for shorts on the ps outputs and other lines
    off the LOPTX (vertical etc) - seem ok.

    Don't know if the HR ref was the correct one ( but beko is listed under
    hr7503) or the replacement is simply duff.
    perhaps some kind soul could check which is the reference number of the
    LOPTX on this chassis; on my schematic nothing is printed. Then I can
    double check the HR list

  2. b

    b Guest

    b ha escrito:
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