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Behringer Vintager GM110 guitar amp problem!

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by marsupialman, Oct 29, 2005.

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  1. marsupialman

    marsupialman Guest

    Hi all - I just joined your mighty forum.

    I bought a new Vintager GM110 via eBay about a year ago. When the am
    is switched on and my guitar plugged in, there is no output nois
    either through the speaker or the headphone socket, though the O
    button glows red as usual. When I switch the amp off, there is abou
    one second of amplified noise (such as a chosen guitar chord), the

    Has a component, such as the off/on switch, failed?

    Is there an easy way for me to fix this problem?

    Thanks very much
  2. DaveM

    DaveM Guest

    To give you the short answer, probably not. This might sound like a harsh
    reply, but it's not meant in that fashion.
    In view of your obvious lack of electronic knowledge and troubleshooting
    ability, it would be much cheaper and quicker for you to take the amp to a
    qualified repair shop and pay the price for a competent repair.

    You suspect the power switch when you should have immediately dismissed it
    because the ON light is on, as it should be. The fact that it does in fact
    produce sound at all indicated that the amp is being powered on. There is
    a malfunction somewhere else in the amp, most likely a bad tube. If you
    have access to a tube tester, then by all means, have the tubes checked.
    You could check your guitar and cord with another amp to make sure that they
    are working OK. Beyond those simple things, it's my opinion that for you to
    open this amp and attempt repair, you would risk further damage.

    Dave M
    MasonDG44 at comcast dot net (Just substitute the appropriate characters in
    the address)

    Never take a laxative and a sleeping pill at the same time!!
  3. Porky

    Porky Guest

    Hi, I'm no regular here butt... I can tell you there are no tubes in
    this amp. It appears to have blown a major component which will involve
    pulling the chassis, searching a mass of tiny components and soldering.
    You can use the FX loop to test your output transistors. Plug another
    amp or even a CD player or radio, turned down way low, into the return
    jack. Report the result here.

    John Kogel
  4. So as the power internally reduces, the amplifier works? I'd suspect
    an over-voltage problem, which could be verified by applying reduced
    AC to the (assumedly) linear power supply in the amplifier (or does it
    have an external supply?). You'll likely require a technician to sort
    this one for you, unless it has a documented history/magic bullet for
    this problem.

    Looks like a dandy little amp...

  5. marsupialman

    marsupialman Guest

    Thanks to both of you for your helpful posts! John's right: there are n
    tubes in this amp; it's designed to replicate various tube amp sounds
    Which it does remarkably well for the money.

    So... yikes... sounds like it's gonna cost me a lot to get it sorted..

    But I'll follow John's advice and see what happens. What a great forum
    Thanks again guys.
  6. Porky

    Porky Guest

    Under that husky exterior rides the flimsiest of circuit boards,
    suspended on the plastic jacks and control pots, which barely survives
    the bus trip home. Components are known to drop off like leaves from
    the trees.
    Take it to an electronics training school, or find an old ham radio guy
    with lots of patience and good eyesight. I once found a capacitor
    rolling around loose under the chassis of a similar beast, that made
    the repair job pretty easy. BTW, just plugging the guitar into the
    return jack of the FX loop should have made a sound if the problem was
    isolated in the preamp. Not likely.

    John Kogel
  7. poi

    poi Guest

  8. poi

    poi Guest

    hey. i have the same amp with the same amp with the same problem. i got
    it fixed but it broke again. i've had a lokk and i can't see where it
    was repaired. i do have some info if any one can decipher what it might
    1.there is power coming from the transformer
    2.the speaker works
    3.i cant see any thing missing inside
    4. the only way to make noise is to turn it off and i get the fade-out.
    with different settings the fade-out is different so the amp models
  9. poi

    poi Guest

  10. That's what Behringer does. Make it look good...;-)
  11. marsupialman

    marsupialman Guest

    That's what Behringer does. Make it look good...;-)

    Thanks! To be fair, I did a lot of research on amps like this befor
    buying this one. Sound quality and versatility was obviously the bi
    issues, but many users have been lugging this amp from club to clu
    without anything going wrong. It's meant to be pretty tough. That's wh
    I'm surprised it's busted
  12. Jim S

    Jim S Guest

    Hi Marsupialman. Sorry to hear about your amp trouble! The advice
    John gives (above) is exactly what I would recommend: Send a
    known-good signal to the effects return. This will bypass all of the
    input/preamp electronics and present the signal straight to the output
    stage. If you still have no output using this test, I would expect to
    find a bad power IC or other failed component somewhere in the output

    If you are in need of an authorized repair center, just drop me a line
    or give me a call using my contact information below. I'll get you in
    touch with the nearest one and get you an estimate. We have over 40
    service centers in the US. If you are not in the USA, we have service
    centers all over the world and I can assist you in choosing the best
    one for your needs.

    One last thought: if the unit was purchased in the 12 months, you
    should have some remaining warranty coverage from the eBay seller.

    Best Regards,

    Jim Savery
    Global Customer Service & Support Manager
    Tel: +01-425-672-0816 x 111
    Direct Dial: +01-425-939-3216
    Fax: +01-425-673-7647
    IP Phone Ext: 5024
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