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Beginning Electronics Website????

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Danny Hoskins, May 21, 2005.

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  1. I'm contemplating building a website for the beginning
    electronics/robotics enthusiasts (such as myself) and I was looking for
    opinions or people who may want to lend their expertise to/collaborate
    on such a project.

    What I have in mind is to start with the VERY basic stuff and basically
    make it a 'quick reference/how to' type of deal. Really what I would
    LIKE to do is basically build things in as 'I' (re)learn them and build
    that way.

    I had some electronics courses in college back in the late 90's but
    since I'm not in that field and have had no use for it all these years I
    have forgotten just about everything but I do know that I liked it very
    much. I also have a budding interest in web design and just really need
    a reason to build a site and this would really give me something
    tangible to work with.

    Anyway, I look forward to hearing from all of you and greatly appreciate
    anything you have to say.

  2. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    First study all of the crap that's already out there before you go and
    shoot yourself in the foot.

    IOW, do a website on something that you already know something about,
    rather than teach something that you're not even done with school in yet.

    Good Luck!
  3. On the other hand, in some cases someone new to something is a good
    candidate for teaching, because they are explorers and then convey
    what they've found to others. When I first had full internet access
    back in 1996, people assumed I was some "expert" because I kept
    finding answers for people. But the reality was that someone
    would ask a question, and then I'd go off exploring, trying things
    or doing searches to find an answer. The fact that I was new to it
    meant that there weren't things I'd long forgotten, yet I was right
    in the same mindset as people new to the internet.

    Someone asks a question, and in trying to explain it you get a better
    understanding of it.

    But of course, it only works with some people.

  4. To the original poster:

    You can look up keywords like electronics together with beginner,
    lesson, basics, etc.. and find other web sites of the same kind.

    Study those web pages, learn more electronics and learn from the others
    how to present the knowledge in different ways.
    Put together the ideas you think are important in your own web site.

    It will help you to learn, and others may learn from your web pages too.

    Before computers became available we had to keep all documentation in
    paper format.

    I and many others collected the most important formulas and data in a
    small pocketbook, of some type where you can add pages. I made a
    front-back cover out of clear plastic with pockets where I can insert
    the front page, the first inner page, the back page etc..

    Over the years I collected a lot of stuff I needed at hand in that
    little pocketbook.

    The last 20 years I have used a computer and my collection of files is

    Selecting and putting together the most important knowledge in a clear
    and structured way is a good way to understand, and to make things
    understandable to others.

    Tell us the url to your web site so we can see it grow and help you
    with comments and tips.
  5. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

  6. yeah, this was basically my point. There are many ways to represent the
    same information but many of the sites I see aren't all that user
    friendly. Like I said I had electronics courses back in college and I
    took to it very well because I learned things from the very beginning
    and didn't have to rely on books, websites, and newsgroups. Much of the
    info you find on the web is scattered around and not very organized. I
    just wanted to develop better and more fun and interactive ways to
    present the information.

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