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beginners digital home study

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by hfs2, Nov 22, 2003.

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  1. hfs2

    hfs2 Guest

    Heathkit had a wonderful basic electronics
    home study package. They're out of business.
    Anyone else have something like it today?

    The Heathkit courses had trainer kits that
    came along with them. They were available
    in the 70's. Intro to digital logic,
    microprocessors, were two names I remember.
    They were basic - not heavy on the math.

    Looking for my son - who spends too much damn
    time on his pc. He loves this stuff, so might
    as well try and educate him.

  2. Heathkit is not out of business, they changed their direction.
    I say, the boy is so stupid that he tried to make a back up copy of his
    hard drive on the Xerox machine!

    Michael A. Terrell
    Central Florida
  3. Baphomet

    Baphomet Guest

    Try this:
  4. the Wiz

    the Wiz Guest

    You can still find those trainers on Ebay. Search for HeathKit.

    More about me:
    VB3/VB6/C/PowerBasic source code:
    Freeware for the Palm with NS Basic source code:
    Drivers for Pablo graphics tablet and JamCam cameras:
    johnecarter [email protected] mindspring com. Fix the obvious to reply by email.
  5. Mebbe you could start him off on some "Pics" ?
    All the gear is available in many forms and he would be able to get more or
    less instant satisfaction without too much gear ??
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