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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Continuum, Mar 15, 2005.

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  1. Continuum

    Continuum Guest

    I recently became interested in hobby electronics but am not sure that
    I like it as of yet. I purchased a soldering iron, breadboard and
    things of this nature but I am hesitant to order a electonics kit from
    someone paying customs and such just to find that I don't like it.

    So, first question, are there any places on the interweb that offer
    schematics for a beginner?

    Secondly, I have found many tutorials for soldering circuit boards
    together but very few for how to use a breadboard.
    Thus, my second and final question, are there any tutorials that are
    good for learning the basics of breadboarding?

  2. There are millions of schematics on the web and not very hard to find.

    I googled for

    electronic schematic beginner

    And found 100000 hits, after following a few links you will find big
    collections of schematics and beginner level instructions.

    Try these links:
    I was a bit confused too, the first time I tried to use a breadboard. But
    they are very simple devices and it usually takes only a few minutes to
    learn how to use them.

    When you see 5 holes in a row you can assume that they are
    connected to each other inside the breadboard.
    Test with a multimeter in ohmmeter mode if you are not sure which holes
    are connected to which holes.
    Use wires with a diameter of around 1 mm to push into the holes.

    Here is a site with some instruction on breadboards:
  3. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    We can help you, right here.
    If you can be specific about what you want to know, any number of us
    will be glad to help you. Start by telling us what kind of a
    breadboard you have, if you have any test equipment (multimeters,
    etc.) and what kind of circuit you want to build. Or, what you'd like
    for a circuit to do. That is, do you want to light an LED, make a
    beeper beep, build a bomb... ;)
  4. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    There's an example of protoboard use posted just today in message-id
    [email protected] , subject "The Results of everyones help."

    Good Luck!
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