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Beginner component list

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Shane Kirkman, Sep 12, 2003.

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  1. Anyone have basic semiconductor and other components list a beginner should
    stock up on.
  2. rgb

    rgb Guest


    As a newbie myself,

    Try to found an old Texas Inst old TTL Book, some places throw them
    away ...

    U will need Nand, And, Inv., D latch, mux, DEMux ...

    Take a look at, (and also Texas Inst. website), you can
    find alot of funny ics there.

    And have some trips to your locals stores.
    I found a lot of funny things to play with (swicth , resistance, pots,
    led ... )

    And find something to build :)


    PS opps Don't forget to Google around :)
  3. You will be old when you finish to buy basic semiconductor and other

    I think is better look for a basic project and buy only semiconductors
    for it (buy it twice, one for the project an other for a box. When you
    finish, look for another project and another and another. In just a
    short time, you'll have a good set of components.

    Yours, Javier M Mora
  4. It's also an idea to find packs of more than one of what you are going to
    use. You can get it for cheaper that way. eg, bag of LEDs, a blister of
    transistors. Also, the ones found in packs are usually common anyway, so
    they are good to stock up on.

    Andrew Howard
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