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Beginer Schematics Needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by JeffM, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

  2. Hi!
    I need to find a simple amplifier schematic for my son's
    guitar...Loud enough to be heard well but not loud enough to be able to P.O.
    the landlord.

    Also I need a simple schematic for an echo unit(like a bucket brigade) using
    a 555 chip.

    I have a bunch of spare parts to use on these projects but I'm a novice so I
    need very simple designs...

    Thanks in advance...


  3. Looks like the first one is pretty easy.'simple+guitar+amplifier+schematic'
  4. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    You can't make an analogue delay from 555s ! I don't think you can even get
    those charge coupled delay chips any more anyway. It's cheaper to do it in CD
    quality DSP now.

  5. Guest

  6. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest


    ** Hah - it is dead easy.

    Just play the amp in the bathroom.

    ........ Phil
  7. David Harmon

    David Harmon Guest

    On 27 Jan 2006 22:33:48 -0800 in sci.electronics.basics,
    LM386 with input signal full blast on the input and a "rheostat" on
    the output to control volume? Is that whacky or is it just me?
  8. Pooh Bear

    Pooh Bear Guest

    Probably the design of a recent 'graduate' going by what I hear of the
    skills being taught currently.

  9. Guest

    Some of these guitar players want to take advantage of the way the chip
    distorts. The same web site has a variation called "Little Gem" that
    puts a common pot in front of the 386 instead of the rheostat after.
    The manufacturer's data sheet circuit is probably the place to start
    with the LM386.
  10. Guest

  11. Guest

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