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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Randy Gross, Nov 13, 2004.

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  1. Randy Gross

    Randy Gross Guest

    Greetings Group;

    I ran a Google search tonight looking for CircuitMaker6 circuits when
    I ran across a site that offered a lot of downloads for CircuitMaker:
    4,5,6,Pro and 2000. The tip off that something was wrong was when a
    "click to view" turned into a "you must download this file first". I
    downloaded a "Save to File".

    My AVG Resident Shield immediately displayed "VIRUS DETECTED". Someone
    has targeted techies for fun and games.

    The name of the site is:

    "This" forced download file is: crack023exe.exe

    The virus is: Trojan Horse Dropper.Exebundle.AH

  2. You shouldn't talk about it. You should contact the provider or
    webmaster with that info, so they can shut the site down. And hope they
    catch the culprit.
  3. Randy Gross

    Randy Gross Guest

    My sentiments exactly. I was hoping that someone smarter than I and
    more knowledgeable in this matter could home in and drive a nail where
    it counts. Wouldn't it be nice if a virus could be reverse engineered
    to seek out and destroy its source?

  4. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    looking for CircuitMaker6"VIRUS DETECTED"
    I love it. Folks who go to crackz sites and bitch about immoral behavior.
  5. Randy Gross

    Randy Gross Guest

    I don't understand this statement. Do you consider it moral to
    intentionally infect someones machine as a matter of course? I, you or
    anyone else visiting this site for the first time, in quest of a
    technical program like CircuitMaker, won't be aware of pranks,
    sadistic humor or whatever the virus was intended for. The moral thing
    the webmaster should have done was warn the visitor of the sites

    I didn't like the fact that a virus was sent to my machine, for any
    reason, and I'm sure that someone having to deal with the consequences
    won't either!

  6. Ban

    Ban Guest

    if you want to download the software, go to this page and pay the price.
    The student version is free. If you OTH want to get a cracked full version
    for free and visit some obscure warez site, it can happen that this guy is
    just looking for *idiots* like you. He needs to find computers to send his
    spam and uses a backdoor trojan to accomplish it. Now you lament about the
    page not being clean, are you? Ridiculous.
  7. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    looking for CircuitMaker6"VIRUS DETECTED"
    The words crackz, warez, serialz, keygenz, or variations thereof
    are indicatione of illegally-obtained and/or illegally-distributed software.
    If you download something from one of these sites,
    you are in violation of copyright law, making you a criminal.

    Pot, kettle, black.
  8. Randy Gross

    Randy Gross Guest

    You assume that because I visited the site that I am a pirate. I
    already have the software and have had CM6 for almost a year. I was
    searching for a CM6 netlist Library when I ran across the site on
    Google. I, and I'm probably not alone, know nothing of any *z sites.
    If this makes me an "Idiot", then so be it, I do not traffic in any
    illegal activity. The original post was for others like me who do an
    honest search not expecting deception or attack in this technical

    The real question here is if this is known, why is it allowed? We
    govern everything else in our society but when it comes to the best
    tool that Man has ever conceived, it is treated with great
    indifference. Where's a cop when you need one?

  9. James Beck

    James Beck Guest

    So you were ignorant and now you are educated.
    Our work here is done.
  10. Good question IMO, one I've had myself. But I've always assumed it's
    because cracking down on warez etc, so to speak, would inevitably
    restrict *legitimate* Usenet operation too. Too many babies with the
    bathwater. But it sure makes me annoyed to think of all that theft of
    stuff I've either paid for or gone without.

    But I suppose I'm stealing too, as I occasionally use one of the
    alt.mp3.binaries groups to download a music track. So we're into
    *degrees* of theft I guess. Not such a b/w issue as it first
  11. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    The words crackz, warez, serialz, keygenz, or variations thereof
    Not what I said.
    I hate to hear the words "pirate" and "thief" applied to this activity.
    *Theft* means that what was someone's is no longer available to him to use.
    The correct term is "copyright infringement".
    It is a separate category with separate laws (the line is quickly blurring)
    and it may or may not deprive the creator of income.
    (Many who engage in this behavior
    would not acquire the copyrighted item if they had to pay for it).
    As Beck alluded, the word is "uninformed".
    Those who enforce the law will tell you that "ignorance is no defense".
    Ah. Now we get to the heart of the matter--blaming someone else.
    **If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.**

    As Ban pointed out, stuff that you know is payware is best researched
    on the site of the company/individual who created/distributed it.
    Price comparisons on legit marketing sites is also a valid step.

    Abandonware is a huge gray area.

    As for the dot-com top-level domain,
    you don't have to be located in the USA to get a URL which ends in .com.
    Many warez sites are *.ru or *.cz,
    but it's not a hard-and-fast guide to judge by TLD.

    If it seems like we're scolding, we are
    --but remember *we all started at zero*.
  12. Randy Gross

    Randy Gross Guest

    I have no problem with this Jeff. I would rather be scolded into
    awareness than be branded dishonorable. There is nothing worse than a
    backstabber, backshooter, you get my meaning.

    I have my "own" website at (forgive the plug
    but it fits this situation). The webmaster of a similar site
    discovered that two different sellers at ebay were selling the
    contents of our sites. The more thought I gave to it, the more enraged
    I became. We combined our efforts to have the listings removed. ebay
    will remove when copyright infringement is verified.

    I can relate to the property owners who are paying from lost revenue,
    and I know that this thread will be a benefit to the unaware, but the
    potential of this media will never be realized unless an effective
    means of regulation is found to police it. No guardian, no trust.

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