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BC549C Spice Model

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Michael, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Michael

    Michael Guest


    Just a quick question - does anyone out there know where I might get
    hold of a spice model for the BC549C ? I've searched around on the
    internet, but so far I havn't managed to find anything. Philips
    Semiconductor seem to have spice models for every transistor under the
    sun, except this one!

  2. Michael wrote...
    Did you look for models of BC546 through BC549? For example, my
    spice library only has six of the 10 possibilities in the series.
    Also, a raft of other manufacturers make these parts.
  3. Leon

    Leon Guest

    The SPICE I use has the BC546B as an alias for the BC549, here is the

    *From Philips SC04 "Small signal transistors 1991"
    * Base spreading parameters (RB,IRB,RBM) estimated. TR derived using
    BCY58 data
    ..model BC546B npn ( IS=7.59E-15 VAF=73.4 BF=480 IKF=0.0962 NE=1.2665
    + ISE=3.278E-15 IKR=0.03 ISC=2.00E-13 NC=1.2 NR=1 BR=5 RC=0.25
    + FC=0.5 MJC=0.33 VJC=0.65 CJE=1.25E-11 MJE=0.55 VJE=0.65
    + ITF=0.6 VTF=3 XTF=20 RB=100 IRB=0.0001 RBM=10 RE=0.5 TR=1.50E-07)

  4. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    ** Groper alert !!

    ** The BC549C differs from other BC549s only in that particular devices
    have been selected so the Hfe is within the range of 420 to 800.

    ( source, Philips Data book 1978 )

    ....... Phil
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