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battery question

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by AssTelescope, Jan 2, 2005.

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  1. AssTelescope

    AssTelescope Guest


    Recently I saw a site that showed how to make a VERY basic solar cell. It
    involved....just check out the link, easier

    Was wondering if there's an easy way to make a battery that shows the basic
    concepts of how they work, like a classroom experiment.

  2. Google for zinc copper battery. Essentially stack up copper,
    paper-soaked-in-vinegar,zinc {rinse,lather,repeat}...
  3. AssTelescope wrote:

    Potato and fruit clocks abound as well as the old fashioned penny/nickel
    cells. This is a classic classroom experiment that seems to appear
    everywhere. Not finding one means that you haven't looked.

    For example: Battery.htm

    You'll note that any two metals can be used to make a battery. You
    also don't have to spend $20 for a "kit". You can go down to your
    local dollar store (if such exists in your area) and pick up some
    LCD digital watches or car clocks. Just connect wires to the insides
    of the watch where the battery goes.

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