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Battery power to replace wall power supply?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Robert Oschler, Feb 4, 2005.

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  1. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    That would be a gas!
    As a point of reference, please measure the current drain from that
    12V wall wart when the camera is in use and just sitting and waiting.
    Also, as has been mentioned, also measure the voltage to the camera
    (both modes).
    The second part is to satisfy the "worry wart" that implied that a 12V
    battery could damage the camera.
    Please post the values for all to see.
  2. Matthew Gunn

    Matthew Gunn Guest

    "worry wart", very punny, lol.
    Hey I've never heard of these power adapters being called a wall wart
  3. Robert,

    What's the easiest way to measure the current drain from the wall wart when
    the camera is on and idling, and to measure the voltage to the camera?
    Sounds like I need to buy a gizmo from Radio Shack.

  4. Matt,

    Other Robert here (OP).

    They're called wall warts in the music industry. If you are a musician with
    a lot of effects boxes (distortion pedal, phaser box, etc.), those wall
    warts are a pain to attach to a power strip because they don't sit next to
    each other well (think of the geometry). In fact there are companies that
    make "wart removers". A wart remove is just a very short power cord,
    usually about 8" at most, with a flat plastic panel at the end that has a
    single AC plug outlet. This moves the wall wart away from the power strip
    and allows you to easily plug multiple effects boxes into a power strip.

  5. The fun part is going to come when I make my DID (Duck Irritation Device) an
    airboat. A long time ago I bought this UFO toy which was basically a big
    helium baloon with two radio controlled propeller fans in a plastic housing,
    taped to the bottom of the baloon. I pulled the propeller fans out of the
    plastic housing and as soon as I get my new connector lead set, I'll be
    hooking them up to my Lego Mindstorm RCX brick computer. The RCX brick was
    too heavy to be connected to the helium baloon (that would have been fun!),
    but I'm betting that in a lightweight small boat; the two fans should make
    it move pretty fast. I'll put the wireless transmitter camera in the boat
    too. My biggest design problem is having a failsafe so if a duck gets mad
    and sinks my boat, I don't lose everything! :)

  6. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    I am surprised that you do not have a DVM (or a VOM).
    Depending on (possible) future useage, you could get an el-cheapo VOM
    from the likes of harbor freight (about $2) or at R.S. (about $25); for
    a good DVM at prices better than at R.S., try Jameco.
    Look for meters that have 2 or more current ranges not counting a 10
    amp range; the R.S. $15 VOM has only one range (150mA) and may not be
    adequate for this application.
    The Jameco DVMs go from about $10 and up.
  7. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Now *that* sounds very interesting!
    One duck to another "It *was* an UFO!. It even talked (quacked) back
    to me! I swear, I am not going quackers!".
  8. Matt,

    Here's where I get mine, they're pretty cheap:
  9. Robert,

    Looks like you found out already that I'm way more of a programmer than an
    electronics guy. :) Although I have soldered together one or two
    electronics kits in my time.

    I just picked up an "auto-ranging" Multimeter from Radio Shack today. It
    say it measures AC/DC voltage levels, current, and resistance, and has a
    diode checker. Is that what I need? Not sure what DVM and VOM mean.

  10. Funny you should say that. My next Robosapien movie shows an actual duck
    attacking my Robosapien.

    If you never saw my first Robosapien movie you can see it at:

    Be forewarned it's *really* silly.
  11. Matthew Gunn

    Matthew Gunn Guest

    Yeh, sweet. They are a pain in the ass, even at home. So many things
    these days are low voltage so they come with one of these things. You'd
    think someone would design one that can be plugged in next to other ones
    or other plugs. I also didn't know you could get the wart removers but
    usually have to resort to 1m or 2m extension cords.
    You can get powerboards that allow for a couple of them but I still
    think it would be easier if the bloody things weren't so wide.
  12. Switching regulators are becoming more popular - they are more efficient and
    smaller (fit next to each other), but somewhat more expensive. My D-Link
    router came with one which is a good reason to like D-Link. Jameco sells
    them also (e.g.,

  13. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    It turns out that someone *has* designed narrow wall warts!
    Jameco carries them; see their 225995, 216442, 249324, 298054, 239564,
    190512 and 190511; all 1.8" wide or less. They have others; that list is
    a sample.
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