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Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by sunnybouy60, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. sunnybouy60

    sunnybouy60 Guest

    Hi all, I have an active post but since this is a different topic I will
    make it a new post to keep all of my questions in order :)

    Can anyone tell me if there are advantages of using 6V series connections
    over 12V ?

    Also can you combine series and parallel connections with 6V batteries ?


    4 Trojan T-105s Two of them connected in series pos to neg and pos to neg,
    then connect the other two pos to neg and pos to neg so basically you have
    two 12V batteries. Finally connect both sets neg to neg and pos to pos to
    double the capacity. (Assuming I am correct in thinking you can do this?)

    So my question is this... can this be done, and secondly is there an
    advantage to this? Or would it be the same as doing a parallel connection
    with two 12V batteries of equal storage capacity?
  2. Blue Cat

    Blue Cat Guest

    Many deep cycle batteries are rated 6 volts because the cells are so large.
    This makes each battery easier to handle because of the weight. Other than
    that, there is no advantage for using 6 volt series connections over 12
  3. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    Typically, 12vdc batteries are not serious deep cycle batteries. Most of
    your off-grid batteries are 6 volt batts. We have 6 T-105's, in a 2 x 3
    arrangement, for 12vdc at 675 ah (8100 wh). Most folks will tell you not
    to go over 4 parallel strings, but to replace your batteries with higher
    capacity units like the L16's or bigger. If you out grow a 4 parallel, 2
    series matrix (12v, 900ah = 10kWh), you might just want to upgrade to a
    4 x 4 matrix (24vdc, 900ah = 21kWh). Remember to derate your pack by 50%
    for "useable" power.
  4. Steve Spence

    Steve Spence Guest

    Wally World 12vdc deep cycle type 27's are a good play battery for
    someone starting out. Don't deeply discharge them and you might get 3
    years out of them. $55 for 115 ah.
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