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Battery charger componet help?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by David and Heather, Aug 31, 2003.

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  1. Hello..I have a defective car battery charger and i think I found the
    problem but don't know what the componet is or the replacement part
    number..It is located on the primary side of the transformer and has
    two leads..It is marked with an inverted triangle with a T in the
    center with a line over top..also U20 2.5A 250ac..It is actually
    tucked down inside ..any info would be appreciated
  2. Cyrus

    Cyrus Guest

    That is thermal fuses, already you have current ( 2.5Amp ) and voltage (250
    V AC ) ,Look and find what is Maximum Operating temperature has it ( IN C
    degree or F degree )

    Hope this info helps
  3. ajb

    ajb Guest

    I think you will find that the T symbol you describe is not a thermal
    rating but a time rating. It is the European label ("trage") for
    semi-surge resisting, roughly equivalent to slow-blow or
    semi-slow-blow (as against quick-acting, which in our case you do not

    It sounds as if your component is a wire-ended version but any
    standard 2.5A 250v semi-surge resisting fuse in a suitably mounted
    holder would do.


  4. Wrote to company that made the charger and they said"the component is
    a thermal protector. the transformer will need to be
    replaced, as well as the failed part farther down the line, that
    caused the
    thermal to take itself out."..If I jump this themal protector
    everything seems to work but am going to replace with a slow blow fuse
    as was recommanded here..
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