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Battery amp rating

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Paul, Dec 17, 2003.

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  1. Paul

    Paul Guest


    How does the battery amp rating work? I have the a 2000 mA rechargeable
    battery. Does it mean that it can supply 2 amps in an hour? What about
    charging these. The charger puts out 140 mA at 2.4 volts, if I divide the
    2000 by 140 i'll get the suggested 14 hours of charge. Why is the charging
    voltage doubled though? This Ni-Cad battery regulary puts out 1.2V.
  2. That rating is in milliamp hours, so you divide this rating by the
    load current in milliamps to estimate the operating time before the
    battery is depleted to some cut off voltage. If that time is less
    than 10 hours, the estimate is optimistic. In other words, the rating
    is usually based on a 10 hour discharge. So your 2000 mAHr battery
    should last 10 hours with a 200 milliamp load.

    Charging is not 100% efficient, especially when done quickly. I think
    it typically takes about 120% of rated milliamp hours to fully
    recharge a battery, and there is a limit on how fast this can be done
    without damaging the cells. It also takes more than discharge voltage
    to force the internal chemistry to run in reverse. The battery makers
    usually have detailed data sheets for their products that spec all
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