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Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Enzo, Dec 29, 2003.

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  1. Enzo

    Enzo Guest

    Is there anyone that have some experience on charging 2 lead batteries (12V)
    in series ?
    I do not mean the circuit, but if the batteries will be correctly charged or
    will they have some long time problem ?

  2. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Never answer a question with another question, but where
    do you think that your 12 V batteries come from, and why, indeed,
    are they called batteries instead of just cells?

    Your 12 V batteries are made up of 6 2V cells in series.

    Why should there then be a problem with 12 such cells
    in series rather than with only 6?

    (Not intended to be a scornful reply, sorry, can't be bothered
    to recompose it)
  3. I asume that you are doing this because you have a 24 volt charger which is
    what you wuld need to do this with.

    The lectrical system on my boat is amde up of two 6 volt batteries in series
    to make a 12 volt bank and charge them with a 12 volt charging sustem and
    they work fine that way.
  4. repatch

    repatch Guest

    To "Airy":
    Yet another useless response from you.

    To the op:
    You have to be very careful when charging batteries in series. Basically you
    must ensure they are as identical as possible, by identical I mean both the
    model of the battery and it's "condition", if you try to charge two
    batteries of the same model, one on it's last leg and one brand new you will
    not get the result you want.

    Frankly, unless you are sure they are the same batteries and in the same
    condition I recommend either charging them seperatly (best) or charging them
    in parallel (not as good but still far better then in series).

  5. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    I would charge the two batteries in parallel using a special isolation diode
    with a very small voltage drop. This is how it is normally done in motor
    homes and other similiar applications.......good luck....Ross
  6. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    No diode is needed.

    In parallel, they both see the same charging voltage. One just has
    to be sure to check the battery voltages and remove the battery(s)
    from the charger as they become fully charged.

    The reason that split charging systems are used on applications like
    that which you describe is because the charging apparatus (alternator)
    cannot handle charging both together.
  7. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    True that the diode is not necesary if you want to handle it manually. That
    is why I said "I would" instead of "You Have to". I mentioned the split
    charge diode because it would be simpler and prevent backflow from battery
    to battery. It will also allow you to run one battery down without affecting
    the starting battery. Not alot of information given here. We don't know the
    charger voltage, amperage or the application. I just thought I would toss
    that out there in the case it would be helpful....Ross
  8. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    No surprise here....Dimbulb does his google search and posts from
    there...and yes...there are some pretty slick diode modules with almost not
    drop out there to do the job....Ross
  9. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    It ALSO has to do with the alternator's total available, reliable

    JUST like I said. NO diode is needed in a standard charging
    situation of two like batteries, and that includes their charge state.
    JUST like Floyd said as well.

    **** you, Keith Retard Williams. You are a twit that follows people
    around like a little cockroach, which is all you are.
  10. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    No. I do not, dipshit.
    And in the situation in question, they are not required... at all.
  11. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    Read the never said the diodes were "required"..
    And was repeated in a follow up post....
  12. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    Once again, read the never states the diode is required.....
  13. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Why bother posting a response if you cannot also bother to make
    it useful? The below answer is so vague as to be misleading.

    Dissimilar batteries of 12V and 24V can be charged in parallel?

  14. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Sorry, OM. but your post did not mention two 12V batteries.
    It only mentioned dissimilar batteries.

    Why bother posting a response if you cannot also bother to make
    it useful? The answer you gave was so vague as to be misleading.

    You didn't respond to the original question, but only sought to
    score points by attacking those who did. Shame on you.

    Unfortunately your childishness showed up all too well.

    I didn't need to make a fool of you, you did it so well by
  15. Airy R. Bean

    Airy R. Bean Guest

    Why bother posting a response if you cannot also bother to make
    it useful? The below answer is so vague as to be misleading.

    A 12 V Nicad and a 12V Lead Acid can be charged in parallel?

    Your remarks are dangerous; one is charged by current and the
    other by voltage.

    I should give up while you are still behind.
  16. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    Whoopie fuckin' doo. The post *I* responded to had you telling him
    what *you* would do. I simply stated that it was NOT required.

    You were doing fine, until you Jumped on the Keith 'Tard bandwagon
    .... again.
  17. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    Then you spewed.
    I didn't say that you said they were. READ IT, DIPSHIT.

    I merely said they are NOIT required.

    Don't get yer bloomers in a bunch, and get your head out of Keith's
  18. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    You are too fucking retarded to comprehend what you read.

    It is quite OBVIOUS to anyone with HALF a brain, that Floyd was
    referring to dissimilarly constructed batteries of the same working

    You are a fuckin' retard (at best) to think that two dissimilar
    VOLTAGE batteries could be charged in parallel, or to think that that
    was what he meant.

    YOUR response was so far off the fuckin' mark, you should leave the
    group, and go back to hawkin' newspapers on the street corner.

    And to quote you:

    Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Ya fuckin' twit.
  19. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    Look, you top posting Usenet, and electrical retard..

    The THREAD was about 12V batteries.

    If you need your fucking hand held to grasp a simple Usenet thread,
    you should crawl back up your mother's ass (where you came from), and
    be reborn in the shitter, where you belong. Where she subsequently
    flushes your lame ass.

    You top posting Usenet, and electrical retard!
  20. DarkMatter

    DarkMatter Guest

    Never say "Thou fool." Lest you expose yourself as one.

    You did.
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